forty-five weeks new

You were getting bigger and more clever with every day that passed.

You were crawling all over the place now,
having little adventures
and getting into all sort of things.
You would follow us around as we went from room to room
and tried your hardest to keep up with your big brother while he played.
You loved getting your hands on things you shouldn't
and could empty a changing bag or Mummy's handbag in a matter of minutes.
You were clearly going to be a handbag kind of girl.

You would smile from ear to ear for any sort of music.
You loved listening to music in the car or if anyone sang to you,
and you would wriggle and dance along to the rhythm.
You would kick your legs excitedly
and wave your arms wildly.
You had also started singing little songs to yourself
which was very cute.
You would dance along to your own little tunes
and would look so incredibly happy.

You were trying to stand up more and more
and spent a lot of your play time up on your knees.
It did mean that you were doing a lot of falling over
in your attempts to find our feet and learn to balance.
You were getting braver but often needed a cuddle when you took a tumble,
which none of us minded giving you.

You were so happy and independent in your play
and enjoyed investigating all the different toys
or just watching your brother play with his.
You were starting to really enjoy sharing books too
and would sit quietly for stories and watch the pages turn with interest.
We were so proud to have another little bookworm in the family!


  1. Oh I do love her. She's just so cute! I need a girl! xx

    1. Haha. It is nice to get to "have a go" with parenting a girl after a boy. She's so different. x

  2. She always seems such a happy contented little soul, and so wonderfully smiley!


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