forty-eight weeks new

They say time flies when you're having fun.

And it was definitely true
considering the speed your first year was flying by at.
In four weeks time you be a year old,
and it felt like we had hardly had time to catch our breath since you were born.

You were such a happy smiley little girl
but you were definitely more discerning than your brother had been as a baby.
You liked to check people out for a bit first
and decide if they were worth your smiles.
It was so funny the way you would appear to look people up and down
as you tried to suss them out.

Your relationship with Daddy was really growing and changing a lot lately
and the two of you were starting to have special little looks and little smiles.
You had been such a mummy's girl ever since birth
that it was really nice for him to get a look in.
Your little face absolutely lit up when he walked through the door from work
and you would giggle really loudly when he smiled at you
with the cutest little twinkle in your eye.

You were going through a bit of a clingy stage
where you had some real separation anxiety if Mummy went out of sight.
We were trying to play lots of peekaboo games with you
in an attempt to teach you that we always came back.
But you didn't seem to find the games very funny,
when you wanted Mummy
nothing else would do.


  1. Stunning photos! She is growing into a beautiful little lady! x x

  2. he is going to have such trouble as she grows up! It's going to be a very short piece of string she has him on!

  3. Hasn't that gone quick!! 4 more weeks, wow :O

  4. I love the photos this week! So cute! x

  5. What lovely photos - so very full of personality as well as simply adorable!


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