your thirtieth month

Two and half years old. And the most amazing little boy.

It was hard to put into words just how incredibly proud of you we were.
You were such a bright and sparky little thing,
with a wicked sense of humour,
a big warm heart,
an enthusiasm for the world that knew no bounds,
a capacity and drive to learn which amazed us,
a sensitive soul
and the most infectious laugh.

You impressed us every single day with the way you had taken to brotherhood,
and the way you treated your sister was a lovely thing to watch.
You liked her to be included,
asked after her when she was napping,
tried to share your lunch and drinks with her,
and would regularly comment that she was lovely or beautiful
or that you loved her.
The two of you would chatter and laugh together in your room at bedtime and in the mornings.
Daddy and Mummy would often stand at the door 
and listen to you both with big smiley faces.
You would tell your sister stories
and then tell her it was "sleepy time now".

 You had always been a bit of a book worm
but your adoration for books was just growing all the time.
You loved sitting with your books and making up your own stories now
and seeing you enjoying them so independently was lovely.
Books had definitely opened up a magical world for you,
and you would make up stories to tell your sister
which we could tell were based on elements of all the different stories we read together.

We had beautiful weather during your thirtieth month
so we got to enjoy the great outdoors a lot.
You simply came to life out of doors,
the wide open spaces are always an invitation for you to run
and with every single trip out
you were "going on an adventure."

Having spent a little while trying to teach you how to jump properly
using both feet at once,
you had finally cracked it and were now jumping all over the place.
On the bed and off of steps were your favourites.
But you also loved to jump around to music
and most of your dancing was a combination of arm waving and jumping up and down.

You loved singing and music
and could often be heard singing little songs you knew.
It often had us in stitches listening to your version of the lyrics.
We had taken you to a sausage and beer festival
and there had been musicians playing live in one of the tents.
You loved it.
You were running around dancing,
trying to sing along
and squealing with excitement at the sight of guitars, drums and microphones.

There really wasn't a day that went by
that didn't see us laughing out loud at something you said or did.
Mummy had started writing down some of your funniest sayings
so that we could read them back to you when you were older.
We knew we would all laugh at your poo descriptions
and your funny way of seeing the world.

You really were an absolute star
and the 'bestest' little boy in the universe.
You were at a beautiful stage,
on the cusp of really leaving the baby and toddler days behind
and seeming more like a little boy all the time.
We had all come a long way in our two and half years as a family
and you continued to be a total delight.
We still looked at you and couldn't believe that you were ours.

We love you so much little man.


  1. Such a beautiful boy! How lovely will it be when they're old enough to read these posts themselves?! sal x

  2. Gorgeous boy. Mads said to me just today when we were in the trolley at Tescos that 'BB was her best friend ever.' Random considering we haven't seen you for a while! But cute all the same. x

  3. Aww I just want to give him a great big bear hug he is so cute :)

  4. What stunning big eyes he has. gorgeous xx

  5. That's a lovely and heart warming post. 2 and a half years old was when I most enjoyed spending time with my oldest, it is such a fantastic age and I sometimes wish that month or so could have laster for longer.

  6. Beauiful photos, I love the story telling, I think my Dylan may be going that way too x

  7. Gorgeous photos and such a lovely little boy - he just radiates happiness in your pictures!

  8. Ahh he really is such a beautiful boy. I can remember when Iyla finally learnt how to jump, it literally took her about a year to finally get it, it was so funny. Watching Iyla and Jobey building their relationship is so much more amazing than I ever thought it would be. It's only in the last month that I've really started to see it as it took Iyla a long time to adjust but now she loves him and watching the way he laughs as everything she does in the best feeling ever :) x

  9. Such gorgeous moments captured! He will love looking back at the memories you store here.

  10. He is going to be a heart breaker when he grows up! You're going to be beating them off with a stick!


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