{the ordinary moments} messy faces

You have to love how meal times for babies are so multi-scensory.
Chew it for a bit.
Spit it out.
Have a look.
Squish it through your fingers.
Put it back in your mouth again.
Give it another chew.
Maybe smear some on your face.
Swallow a bit.
Dribble a bit.

I can't be the only one who loves a messy baby face.


  1. And of course the all important throw it on the floor step! Or my Elma's personal favourite; patting any part of Mummy that comes within reach with a coating of smushed dinner. Love it!

  2. I can't believe Jobey is going to be at this stage in a few weeks! I'm not very good with the mess but know it's such an important part of them learning about food! x

  3. My first son was some weird, clean baby, roll on four years and our second son does all the above, but we love it! I think he loves nearly all food because he eats in this way. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  4. Oh goodness I still take photo's of my wee man's messy faces as he is still very good at making them!

  5. Ive countless photos of Moo and Thor with messy faces! Such a lovely photo x

  6. I love a messy baby face too. Although I am sad about LL growing up and I didn't really want to start the weaning stage, I am starting to look forward to feeding her each day and getting her to try new things. She has gone up to two meals a day today! Sob! x

  7. If only we could get away with it as adults hey? :-)
    I didn't realise how long the beautiful girls eyelashes are! You can really notice them in this photo :-) x

  8. Gorgeous! I do love watching Ted eat he pulls the funniest faces! :) Just got the same bib but in orange and they are great! Except he eats from it when hes done with his food...gross! xx

  9. Such a cute picture. My husband can't stand watching Eva squishing her food and smearing it all over her face. For me, I know it's a phase that will be over all too quickly and before I know it she'll be answering back, fighting with her brothers and demanding biscuits just like them. Let's keep them this age for a while longer at least. x

  10. The concentration on her face...

    I want that bit.. right there!


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