my mom snaps {what we're reading}

I'm going to make a big statement now,
and I do not make these lightly.
If you are a mummy blogger
you need this book for your children.

My Mom Snaps does exactly what is says on the tin;
it tells the tale of life as a child with a snap happy mama.
It might be obviously American with its use of "mom" and mentions of July 4th,
but it's bright and engaging pictures
and witty rhyming, repetitive text make this just as delightful for British kiddos.

My beautiful boy got the humour in this book right from the very first read,
which quite a big deal considering how little he is.
He knew that the snapping mom in the book is just like his own mummy
without having to be told.

This book accurately depicts life as a blogger child,
or any child in the 21st century really,
who finds their every move photographed and shared.
This is a great little book
which we have read every single day since we got it.
It is the sort of book that gives just as much enjoyment for the adult reading it
as it does to the child listening to it.
A definite firm favourite in this house.

Maggie Stone

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  1. You're right - we need this book! Even though my Dad is a keen photographer and there are lots of photos of my sister and me as children it's nothing to the collection I have of my two, so I've a sneaking suspicion they might just get the joke too!

    1. It's a fab book for snap happy mummies and their offspring. We read it every day, at least once. x

  2. haha oh my gosh I need to get this book for Wilf! x

  3. I must find a copy of this! Even if just for the cover:-)

  4. This keeps coming up in my suggestions on Amazon! It looks cute, I like the drawings.

    1. It's a really cute book, and such a sweet text for these little babies who live their lives being snapped. x

  5. Haha this is so cute and I love the drawings. Like Hayley it also keeps popping up on my Amazon suggestions but I just wish it said Mum! Nothing against the way American's say it, but I prefer Mummy. Silly really because it's totally up my street! ;) x

    1. I felt the same a bit at first, but it's still worth it, especially considering that I just say "mum" when I read it aloud. In fact the little man tend to join in with that bit anyway, and he says "mummy". x

  6. This looks good! Not you typical story book illustration! Nice and quirky :)

  7. so fun to come across this post! i am the co-author of this book and it makes my heart happy to see your kiddos enjoying it! thank you!!

  8. I've just added this to my Amazon wishlist. It's getting quite long thanks to these posts :-) x


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