him and me

Two and half years ago,
my beautiful boy was born.
In that moment he surpassed two very special males who had gone before him
- his daddy and his Pops -
and he became my number one man.
He stole my heart,
he made me a mama,
and changed me forever.

And as he grows he slowly but surely becomes my little friend.
I can't even explain how much I love spending time with that little guy.
He makes me laugh,
he makes me smile,
and I feel prouder than proud when I get to walk around holding his hand.

Before we even had children, 
the hubby and I said that we wanted to have "dates" with our babies.
One-to-one time to just enjoy each others' company.
Kids love that kind of undivided attention
and the opportunity to feel grown up.
I still remember the days I got to spend with my own daddy
going into his work with him and feeling so grown up.
And the days I spent going to the shops with my mum
without my little brother,
and I would feel like her friend as we laughed together.

This weekend
I finally got to take my best boy on our first mother-son date.
To say I was excited before hand was an understatement;
I couldn't wait.
And as we drove off in the car
and he repeatedly said
"just me and mummy going on an adventure"
I got the feeling he was pretty excited too.

We went to the cinema
and as we entered the foyer and his eyes lit up
I knew I was going to be in for as much of a treat as him.
The huge foyer with loads of televisions actually made him squeal.
He didn't know where to look
and as we queued to collect our tickets,
I wondered whether I should have just brought him to come and sit in the foyer instead.

Tickets collected,
we headed for the food counter
and we ordered a bag of popcorn to share.
The smallest bag they sold,
but nearly as big as my little man's body.
He was proud as punch carrying his bag of popcorn.
And just as proud again when I told him to hand his ticket to the man on the door
and we made our way through to the screens.
He excitedly looked for screen three
and we went into the dim cinema
and found two seats.
In a little row all of our own.

He excitedly nibbled on his popcorn
and talked about how dark it was
and all the other people he could see in the cinema.
I genuinely think that at this point
he thought that this was what he had come for,
so when I tried to explain that the big white rectangle in front of us was actually a big television
he sort of brushed it off.
And then the screen came to life,
the lights dimmed,
his face lit up,
he said "Wow"
and he reached over to hold me hand.

...I think my heart melted.

We had an amazing time.
He sat so brilliantly through the film.
We had a little fidgetty patch about an hour in,
but a quick walk to the toilet and he was desperate to get back and watch the rest.
In fact he loved it so much
that as the credits rolled and the auditorium emptied,
he stayed staring at the screen transfixed.
And I happily sat until every last word had scrolled past,
enjoying every last second of some special time with my little man.

We had the best time.
We played chase outside the cinema,
practised jumping on our way back to the car,
and chatted and giggled the whole way home.
Our mother-son date was everything I hoped it would be
and I can't wait to take him on more.
I'm already planning the different things we can do as he grows older.

Only a month to wait until we get to go again...

The lovely Lauren at Real Housewife of Suffolk County
has done some lovely dates with her biggest little man.
She gave me the kick to finally take my little man on one.
Thanks lovely. x


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely first date together and I am glad you had fun. We also love the idea of date days with each other, but we have to wait at the moment until LL is a bit bigger and not so reliant on milk. I have had a couple of sneaky starbucks dates with Mads though since LL was born and they are fun!
    I can't wait to take Mads to the cinema on Thursday now, I hope she enjoys it as much as BB did. x

    1. Ahhh, it won't be long til you can go off on little dates. Coffee and cake dates (only without the actual coffee) are on my list, so we can sit and chat like grown ups.
      I bet Mads will love the cinema, just make sure you get popcorn, I'm sure that was a big contributing factor to him staying still so long. x

  2. I loved this. I have little daydreams about sharing this sort of thing with W when he's older. How cute is BB? He's just gorgeous and he looks so happy and excited - I sort of felt like I was there with you. xx

    1. I've been daydreaming about it since before he was even born. I was as excited as him to be going out together. x

  3. I can't wait to take Dylan out to the cinema and do special things with him like we used to. Looks like the beautiful boy had a brilliant time x

    1. It was so fun. And nice to have a little blast from the past with it just being him and me for a bit. x

  4. aaah, that's lovely! love these kind of dates. i got one with my eldest tonight...setting the alarm for silly o clock to go and watch the perseids meteor shower. just him, me, blankets and a hot chocolate each. xx

    1. Ahhh, that's lovely. What a magical thing to enjoy together. x

  5. This sounds PERFECT! You both look so excited and happy to be together.
    How did he manage with the cinema chairs? When Charles sits in them they fold onto him (even with the booster pad) because he's so tiny.
    Can't wait to see what you get up to next month.
    Thank you for the mention and you're welcome xx

    1. It really was perfect, we had such a nice time. And he was okay with the booster, no hope without it though!!! It was appetite enormous booster seat though, no chance that thing was going to get folded. x

  6. This is such a beautiful post. I have tears. I don't get to do dates like this with Grayson but we do have Mummy and Rara times where we head out just the 2 of us. I chat away to him. Give him extra special cuddles and hold him tight. I can't wait to do proper one on one dates with my other 2. Lovely Lucy. So magical.

    1. Ahhh, thanks lovely. And I have tears too at you having your special times with Grayson. I don't think you have to go out on dates or do anything extra special. It's just spending time together that matters and I bet Grayson loves his Mummy and Rara time. x

  7. My Little Adventurer and I had our first date together a few months ago and it was so, so wonderful. I was wondering about the cinema because my little one usually loses focus after about 40 minutes...Maybe I'll try! So glad you had a lovely time; our little boys are heart-stealers.

    1. I'd definitely recommend giving the cinema a go, especially if you can go to a special junior showing like we did as it was super cheap. They really are heart-stealers!!! x

  8. Oh this has made me well up! We are planning to take Moo to the cinema within the next few weeks, I am rather nervous about it all as I don't know how she will be.

    Looks and sounds like you both had a lovely time, all the little things you did after, got me chocked up! just so sweet! :) x Cant wait to hear about your next one mother-son date x

    1. We really had such a lovely time just being the two of us.
      And I bed Moo will love the cinema. It's such fun. x

  9. what precious words. your blog is wonderful!

  10. Love this idea! Will definitely have to take Oliver for once some time! Glad you had fun x

    1. Thanks. It really is great to get some special one-to-one time. x

  11. This is so lovely! I can't wait to do this with my two, having one-on-one time must feel so special for them. He's such a cutey xx

    1. He definitely knew it was special that it was just us two. And he's been talking about it ever since. x

  12. such a lovely age - my eldest is 3 and also like my best buddy these days :)

    1. It is lovely, isn't it? How they become someone you can have a chat with. x

  13. Lovely post sweetie. I can't wait to do the same with Paige. So exciting! x

    1. Thanks lovely. It was so great, and Paige would love it. x

  14. Sounds like the two of you had a perfect day together. Spending time together as a family is lovely but that one-on-one time is super special

    1. Exactly. We make a lot of effort to have special family time together, but sometimes it's nice to just do things as a pair instead. x

  15. That's a lovely idea. I've only got as far as the coop with just Kitty since Elma arrived but I'm looking forward to more time with just her when Elma isn't so reliant on milk. Did you find he seemed to become littler without his baby sister to make him look big?

  16. you are too sweet! i love our mommy/son dates too. even if they are to the grocery store!!

  17. Beautiful post lovely, you two look so perfectly happy, content and in love with each other. I'm already daydreaming about dates like this with my boys, it sounds like you both had a wonderful time together. xxx


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