little miss austen {what we're reading}

I love classic literature.
And Jane Austen's novels are right up there as some of my favourites.
We had the tables at our wedding named after them
(amongst other favourite classics)
and our cats are named after two of her greatest romantic heroes;
Mr Darcy and Captain Wentworth.
So it's fair to say I'm a little bit of a fan.

So on discovering the Baby Lit series of board books
inspired by classic literature,
I was always going to be a done deal.
We have quite a few of the Baby Lit books
(I'm saving the others for other posts)
but I thought it only right to start with the Little Miss Austen books
as they are two of my favourites.
These books aren't shortened, simplified versions of the original tales
but instead are educational books inspired but those stories.

Pride and Prejudice is a number book.
It has a new number for each page as you might expect from a small child's board book,
but the objects to be counted are inspired by the novel.
1 english village and 2 rich gentleman,
3 houses, 4 marriage proposals,
5 sisters, and so on.
There are various elements from the original novel included amongst the illustrations
and for a fan like me, finding these elements is just charming.

The illustrations are delightful.
Simple, bold and bright
but without the patronising imagery that is so often used in children's books.
They feel like grown up images,
despite the fact that they are in a board book.
They are graphic with a lovely colour palette and sweet details.

Sense and Sensibility is an opposites book,
which is perfect considering the opposites in it's title
and it is an equally lovely book.
Again it includes details from Austen's original novel
and introduces the characters from the book
and elements of the story
without being a story book.
It also includes some opposites that you wouldn't expect to find in the average opposites book
and this offers a great chance to develop vocabulary and understanding.

I just know that we will continue to enjoy these books over time,
as they will allow me the opportunity to share some of my favourite characters and stories.
This way when my children are ready to read the originals or watch the movies
the characters and their relationships will already feel familiar.

I can't wait to share the beautiful stories of the Bennet and Dashwood sisters
with my little lady when she is big enough.
And I was over the moon to find these books that allow me to get a head start
on her love affair with the serious but romantic Mr Darcy 
and her disdain for the charming cad that is Mr Willoughby.
Because a girl is never too young to learn about those things.

Maggie Stone


  1. I've not seen these books before - they look adorable! That's Christmas for all the little girls I know!

  2. They are lovely books aren't they - we've got Sense and Sensibility as well as a few others, but not Pride and Prejudice (it had sold out, which is how we came by the Cozy Classics version), and although we bought them for Elma both girls really enjoy a read, and they're so much more fun for me than many baby books.

  3. wow Lucy i never knew you could get little Austen books. amazing i mean too late for my two but i would have enjoyed reading them too! I love Pride & Prejudice its one of my all time fav books,a classic. x

  4. These look like really lovely little books, especially to introduce children to the classics. Don't hate me, I haven't read any of those classics but would like to, I just can't seem to get into them.
    Your cats have the best names x

  5. These look great! You have definitely been buying new books for this linky haven't you! x

  6. These look amazing, wish i'd known about ghem earlier. Thanks fir sharing!x

  7. Oh my! I love love love the idea of these books! Another gorgeous post. ANother present on the list for our little Miss! Xx

  8. o dear, those are too precious!!!

  9. The books are so so sweet! I love Jane Austen, may have to try and get Pride and Prejudice for Evie for Christmas xx

  10. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much this post has just made my day. Jane Austen novels are my absolute favourite (along with the film remakes of course) and this little range looks adorable. I wonder if i could sneak these on to the boys bookshelf without daddy noticing :) xxx

  11. Ohmygosh, i love these!! Off to order now x

  12. Love these - we have the romeo and Juliet version xx

  13. These are just the sweetest books ever! How cute x

  14. so glad i read this post - definitely getting some of these books, they will make fab presents! x

  15. I have some of these too. We have a Count Dracula one and Alice in Wonderland. They are just LOVELY. xx

  16. Such pretty looking books - I think I could read them too!

  17. Oh wow, I have never seen these before... off to find some! L x


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