forty-seven weeks new

You were so delightful to be around.

You were so smiley and cute
and so communicative now.
You were constantly chattering
and eyeing people up.
It was always funny when you met people for the first time
or hasn't seen them in a while,
because you would definitely size them up for a minute
and decide if you wanted to grin at them or not.

You were getting really into watching certain things on the television
and would basically stop in your tracks
to watch and dance along with any form of music.
You especially like Sofia the First
and watching Tangled on DVD,
the catchy songs always caught your attention. 

You had your first experience of afternoon tea
and absolutely loved it.
Mummy had been worried about you being well behaved and quiet
as you were so incredibly noisy lately,
but you happily tucked into egg sandwiches,
scones with cream and jam
and cream cakes.
It made Mummy and Nanny very excited
to be able to take you along on their afternoon tea dates in the future.


  1. Beautiful, and love the last photo! :)


  2. Gorgeous, just absolutely beautiful! I adore BG's petticoat!

    Ali Xx


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