vintage {see it snap it love it}

I'm rubbish.
I couldn't think of a single thing to photograph for vintage.
I am going to blame the severe case of baby brain that I'm currently suffering from.
I can't be expected to be all creative and nine months pregnant
at the same time!
So I have lamely gone for giving a lovely photo a vintage feel instead.
I'll try harder next week.

Last week's 'Tears' theme was a tricky one
and I just couldn't choose between the photos to find a Photo of the Week.
So I've chosen the next theme
which will be 'Sparkle'.

But this week its all about 'Vintage' photographs
and I'm sure that all of you will have done a much better job with this theme
than old baby brain here.
So get linking up
and remember to link back here.
Share some comment love when you get time too.

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  1. Oh look at his lovely little face!I must admit I did swing by half expecting to see that you had gone off into labour!


    1. Nope, so such luck yet. Hopefully not too much longer though. X

  2. Thats adorable Lucy and you are fully allowed to cheat at this stage! ;) x

  3. Vintage is a hard one. Must put my thinking cap on... xx

  4. Whether you think it's lame or not it is still a gorgeous photo!! Hope ur keeping ok xx

  5. What a handsome vintage boy!

    Herding Cats

  6. It's not lame at all Lucy, an absolutely gorgeous photo of the beautiful boy and i LOVE the vintage effect you've used on it xxx


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