a baby no more

He will always be my baby.
Always, always, ALWAYS.
He was the little person who made me a mummy in the first place
so however big he gets,
however grown up he appears;
he'll never stop being my baby.

But in the not very distant future
my little baby is going to suddenly seem enormous and very grown up.
He will be starting his new role as big brother
and will dwarf his new sibling
and make them seem even more small and fragile
while simultaneously appearing bigger and cleverer himself.

It seems that he had grown up a lot lately.
He is so inquisitive and talkative,
so far from the tiny baby he once was.
He's still a dinky dot, as he always has been,
but he carries himself differently now
and seems to approach this big wide world like a big boy.

He is thoughtful and kind.
He is determined and focused.
He is, quite frankly, a genius in our eyes
who counts and recognises numbers,
who is learning colours and practising them all the time,
who learns half a dozen new words most days,
who has an incredible memory
and who cracks us up regularly.

In actual fact he's been a long way away from being a baby for a little while now,
but he is and always will be a baby in my eyes.
The baby I couldn't believe I was actually allowed to keep 
when we were sent home from hospital all that time ago.
The baby who grew in my belly
and filled my world with so much anticipation and excitement.
And then arrived
and was the baby who filled my world 
with more joy and love than I could ever have thought possible.
The baby I held in my arms,
the baby I rocked,
the baby I watched sleep,
the baby I breathed in.

He will always be that baby to me.
Only now his eyes twinkle when he sees me,
now he calls "Mummy" when he wants me,
and now he cuddles back.
. . . And just when Mummy needs it most.
Like when she's crying writing a blog post about how fast he grew up.


  1. Totally feel the same with my baby boy, what a great backdrop I love it!

    1. Hehe. I think all mummies never stop thinking of their babies as their babies. X

  2. Awwwwww it's such a huge time for all of you. Your boy will seem huge when the new baby comes.

    I think it's nice to still grab "baby-like" moments with Charles now he's 3. Like this morning after his shower I wrapped him in a towel and snuggled with him on our bed. It felt like he was a baby again.
    Harry seems to have stayed a baby for longer than Charles did. Charles seemed to be quite grown up from the start.

    Beautiful photos xx

    1. I know what you mean about 'baby moments', I often cuddle the little man fresh from the bath wrapped up in a towel like a baby. But then I remember my mum doing that with me as a child too. X

  3. Oh they grow up so fast! As 18 months hit my wee man suddenly did not seem so wee any more. I can just imagine what it is going to be like when your little one becomes a big brother. You are right though they will always be our babies! Great photos as usual...where were they taken?

    1. It's almost like they get to about 18 months and they suddenly grow up loads. I just think he'll look even more grown up and even more clever when the baby arrives and we realise just how much he was learned in such a short time.
      And the photos were taken on the good old Essex coast, a place called Mersea Island to be exact. X

  4. Such a lovely post xxx and beautiful picture too ;)

    1. Aww, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked it. X

  5. My mum still thinks of me as her baby, and Dylan will always be mine. Beautiful post x

    1. Hehe. My mum says the same about me and my brother. I guess it's a mummy thing. X

  6. Lovely post. You've expressed the exact sentiments I've been feeling lately. I know our boys are only about a week apart, so it's hitting me quite a lot lately how much he seems to be growing as a person.... a REAL person apart from just my baby boy. And I've still got a few months to go before he becomes a big brother, but I know he (and your little bubs) will handle it beautifully. Because we are both raising amazing little fellas. xx

    1. It's pretty scary how he suddenly seems to have grown up and is learning so much. And I just know the baby will highlight it even more. I have no worries about him as a big brother, he just takes everything in his stride so well. It just seems so weird to think that he'll be 'the big one' all of a sudden when he still seems so small sometimes. X

  7. I am actually crying reading this...so beautiful!

  8. awww what a lovely post and the words are so true and how i felt about B before and just after J was born. he will seem such a big boy suddenly and everyone will call him big brother, yet when you look back on pics of him taken over the next few weeks you will realise how small he was.
    and i adore the photo of him with those lovely pastel coloured beach huts behind and surrounding him xx

    1. It seems so weird to think that my baby will suddenly be 'the big one' when he is still so small. Most of his little friends are older too so he just always seems to little. But when I look at him and think about how grown up and clever he's getting I realise how far he has come from that tiny baby he was. X

  9. It's crazy how fast little ones grow up! These photos are gorgeous! I love all the colors!

  10. This is such a beautiful post and the photos are just gorgeous xx

  11. Gorgeous photos as always! A really touching post too. My first baby is nearly 13 now and it seems forever ago that he was a baby but it's passed in the blink of an eye. He is taller than me now and lost past the stage where I can cuddle him in a towel. He doesn't mind the odd hug though if nobody is looking lol xxx

  12. At 6 foot 4, 21 years old and living 600 miles away at University - Splosh is still my baby boy! And I end every phone call with 'bye bye baby boy' and he gets most upset if I don't! And now he is going to be a big brother - and be adored and looked up to by the little one!

  13. Beautiful words and photos as always lovely. Big congrats on your pink bundle and enjoy this special time of bonding as a family of four! The beautiful boy is going to be a fantastic big brother xx

  14. I love this post!!! Love the colours! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope the FOUR of you are well! :o) x

  15. This is such a great shot- Where is this? Are those cabanas at the beach?? Whatever it is, it's cool! And I think I will always call my daughter my baby!!

  16. What a beautiful post.

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