splodge and me at forty weeks

She is here.
And she is a girl.
She was born on Friday 21st September
at 39+6 gestation.
So she was a very good girl for not keeping us waiting.
She weighed in at a healthy 7lb 14oz
and she is absolutely perfect in every way.

I am feeling so proud of myself.
I have a beautiful little family
that I made (with a little help) and grew
and I just can't believe I got so lucky.
I'm also proud of myself for doing the labour thing again;
giving birth is hard and I definitely forgot in between times just how tough and painful it gets.
But I did it and it was all really okay
and what we got at the end makes up for all the bad stuff.
I am officially a mummy of two.
We are officially a family of four.
We are all totally in love
and couldn't be happier.

. . . feel free to go and vomit now, I don't mind!


  1. Congratulations! This is actually the first time I've commented but I've been keeping an eye on your progress. I've also got one of each - it's lovely. Enjoy these precious moments. Looking forward to hearing all your adventures as a Mummy of 2.
    Anna x

  2. Congratulations lovely! She looks gorgeous and you look so incredibly proud! Enjoy this special time xx

  3. I can't believe splodge is actually here! Madness! I love the photo, you both look gorgeous. But then I knew she was gorgeous as I had a sneak preview. And of course I knew you were gorgeous too! ;) Enjoy these first few weeks, they are just amazing! x

  4. Awwww gorgeous post! Do you have a name yet? You must have had a quick labour - well faster than your first at least? Enjoy the newborn weeks as they fly by so fast especially with a toddler in tow! Well done again x x

  5. Just as suspected by us all - a beautiful boy and a gorgeous girl! Well done you (and hubbie!)

  6. My favourite pregnancy shot! You look so happy and glad everything is going so well. Congratulations x

  7. Beautiful post, beautiful baby and a beautiful family! Congratulations :) xxx

  8. Well you certainly could not look any happier in that picture :) Congratulations and enjoy each moment. x

  9. Ahhh so gorgeous! Congratulations, I am looking forward to hearing how your labour went! Enjoy this time, it's so precious! xx

  10. What a beautiful picture. Congratulations xx

  11. What an absolutely stunning photo - you look so loved up! Congratulations to you all xx Welcome to the world little one x

  12. Oh goodness I'm crying. I think because I was hoping this was a scheduled post and I would open it to see you with a bump. I didn't expect this photo.
    Congratulations again. You couldn't look any happier xx

  13. Hooray! Can't wait to hear all about the adventures of your beautiful boy and your beautiful girl! xxxx

  14. Huge congratulations!!! It's so wonderful you have a little girl to complete your set. She looks so gorgeous and I am looking forward to see more photo's of her. You do look so happy and it's lovely to see :-) xx

  15. Congratulations!!! Love how on your 40th week photo she is here!!! It is so exciting!!! Hope you are all happy and well! Lots of love! x

  16. Awwww Lucy, this made my heart melt, quite possibly one of the most beautiful photographs i've ever seen. The picture says it all, there are no words needed - just stunning! xxx


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