packed: my hospital bag

My bags are packed
and I can officially say that we are as ready as we'll ever be for Splodge's arrival.
I guess the contents of most mummy-to-be's hospital bags are pretty similar
but they are also really personal too.
This is the bag with all the things you will want
at a time when you are going to be uncomfortable, in pain and quite frankly at your worst.
You want things that will make you feel happy
and anything that makes you feel a bit more comfortable has to be a winner.

When I packed my bags last time
I was exceptionally organised and compiled lists in advance.
And in a feat of pregnancy/new baby brain
I actually had the forethought to keep the lists,
so when I found them a couple of months back
I was pleased to discover that I already had a starting point.
Most of what went in the bags was used last time
and anything that wasn't was more than likely stuff that I still wouldn't want to go without
. . . just in case!

We will be taking three separate bags to the hospital with us;
one for me, one for baby, and one for daddy.
This is what we did last time
and I'm glad we did.
You don't want to be digging past pristine little baby sleepsuits and hats
to find a hair band or some socks
when you are in the middle of labour.
Having different bags means that the baby bag can stay tucked out of the way until its needed.

My hospital things are packed into a lovely Cath Kidston weekend bag size holdall
which my hubby got me as a present to put my hospital things in last time.
I know lots of people opt for small suitcases
or holdalls with wheels
but I find my bag just the right size for what I need to take.
I guess some people would say that I travel pretty light for a hospital bag
but then I don't really plan on being in hospital after the birth for any longer than one night at the very most
and if I have to stay longer and I need more things
then I would rather that my husband brought in what I needed then
rather than take lots in the first place.
But that's just me.

From my experience last time
you need very little in the way of 'stuff' for actual labour.
I have two long-ish nighties (that cover your bottom) for potentially labouring in
although last time I ended up in a hospital gown
which suited me down to the ground.
The reality is that whatever you wear will get dirty
and so wearing a hospital gown and avoiding ruining my own things was fine by me.
I also have a pair of socks packed for labour
as your feet can get cold.
And I have plenty of hair bands and hair grips for if my hair is annoying me or making me hot.
I have a little pot of Vaseline packed too
because the gas and air made my lips really dry last time.
And obviously I have my maternity notes packed in this bag
so that they don't get forgotten and
so that they are easily accessible for when we get to the hospital.

Most of the contents of my bag are for after the birth.
I have a new set of PJs because it's one thing I wish I had done last time.
The reality was that I felt pretty scummy after birth last time
and had taken some old favourite pyjamas to wear.
After having a bath and being transferred to the ward
I couldn't help feeling that a nice new pair of PJs would have made me feel nicer,
especially for those all important photos,
so I have a new set
(with a strappy top so that I can breastfeed easily.)
I have packed some slippers too
and some more socks
as I really hate having cold feet.
For that lovely post delivery bath and freshen up
I have brought miniatures of all my favourite smellies;
shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, moisturiser and a hair brush.
I guess it's down to who you are and what you're like
but I also have a compact version of my make up bag.
I appreciate that some people really could care less what they look like
but I know that I always feel better with a bit of mascara on and a bit of blusher.
I packed my make up as a bit of an after thought last time,
but I did use it and felt better for it.
I have two nursing bras packed as well as breast pads.
I didn't use breast pads last time until a few days after when my milk came in
but I have been warned to take them
as your milk often comes in quicker the second time.
I have to say that having tried and test many different brands last time
that I am a big fan of the Johnsons ones.
Maternity pads are a must, and I have packed two packets.
Yes they are thick and bulky
but the extra cushioning is a must
and unlike sanitary towels,
which can contain various chemicals that help you feel driers,
the maternity pads don't and are therefore gentler.
My midwife really strongly advises against using sanitary towels until at least a few days after birth
and say that although bigger, the maternity pads are better for the job.
I've also got four new pairs of knickers.
It might sound crazy to have new ones, but they are only cheap
and I'd rather wear proper cotton pants than those disposable ones they sell.

There is one item left to go into my bag
and that is my going home outfit.
I haven't packed this yet because I don't really know what I'll want to wear
as I don't really know what the weather will be like.
I'll more than likely pack some leggings and a long top/dress
but I'll see how I feel nearer the time.
I'll just make sure it's something comfy
and that it will accommodate my belly,
because as nice as it would be,
we know I won't be getting straight back into my pre-pregnancy clothes just yet.

So, have I forgotten anything?
Did you have any items that I haven't that were an absolute must have?


  1. You need some snacks for during and after the birth too! Second the make-up bag - it does make you feel a better, plus you'll be looking at those photos forever. Exciting that you've not got long to go now.

    1. Worry not, they are in the hubby's bag. Although last time I had zero appetite whatsoever and he ate them all! X

  2. Wow this has made me so excited, it's far too early to be excited for me though so I will have to be excited for you! Eeeeek!!! Xx

    1. I get stupidly excited about the whole "packing and preparing" thing too. And believe me, it'll be you again before you know it. X

  3. I love how anal you are....!!! Bless!! Xxxxxx

    1. Yes, that may be so. But I don't do "packing stress". X

  4. How exciting and looks like you have all the essentials there. I think I might get a cath kidston changing bag this time round- bit sick of pink lining cause I have about ten now! X

    1. I nearly got s Cath Kidston one last time around, but then got a buggy that had a matching one so I used that instead. It does end up being your handbag so you need to really like it. X

  5. Aww I love your hospital bag. It's gorgeous and look at the good old maternity pads or surf boards as I used to call them, haha x

    1. Thanks. I love it. It makes a good swimming bag too as its oilcloth. I just fondly referred to the maternity pads as nappies last time, but I think I like "surfboards" better. Where would we be without them? X

  6. This post is making me want to do it all over again! So much excitement and anticipation in the final couple of weeks. My second was a week early (my son was 10 days late) so it really could be any time. Good luck! x

    1. I do think this bit gets super exciting, once you are ready to go. Although I'm not so great with the waiting bit. X

  7. Exciting :D
    The only thing I had brought in by hubby the second in hospital was lot's of yummy food because I really hate hospital food x x

    1. The hubby has a variety of great junk packed in his bag for us to munch on. Although last time I didn't want any because the gas and air made my mouth so dry that I couldn't swallow. X

  8. OMG!! Soo excited for you all!! The very best of luck with everything xxxxxx

  9. Good Choice in bag!! I had one of those two but in blue! Its amazing. Doesn't look as big as a suitcase so you're not labelled as an "over-packer" but it fits about the same! score!! Good Luck!!!

    1. Exactly! I joke that it's like a Mary Poppins bag, that you can ram loads into but it still looks quite small. Very useful for all those things you decide that you cannot go without at the last minute. X

  10. Love your bag :-) You sound very prepared and I can't think of anything that you have not already got!

    I am very excited for you and looking forward to finding out whether splodge is pink or blue! x

    1. I do like to be organised! Hehe. And I can't wait to find out what Splodge is now too. I haven't been that bothered about knowing the whole pregnancy, but when it gets to this last bit I just want to find out and meet them, x


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