I have completely lost track now
of how many people have asked me,
if we're ready for Splodge.

With less than three weeks until due date
and the little wriggler officially full term
it fair to say that Splodge must be pretty close to ready.
We've entered that stage of 'could be any day now'
which seems to have come around so incredibly fast with this pregnancy
that it actually takes my breath away.

So when people ask if we are ready I say yes.
But I could just as easily say no.
Physically I guess we are
or as near as we'll ever be.
The bags are packed,
the baby clothes are washed and put away,
the baby car seat is in the car,
the crib is... well, it's out of storage and will be assembled pretty soon,
the double buggy is ordered,
we have plans in place for when I go into labour,
we know where to go and what to do
and how we might like things to go.
And I feel physically ready.
I feel full term in every sense of the word.
I am full to capacity
and while I am still loving pregnancy,
I am ready to not be pregnant anymore.

So physically we are there.
Are we mentally prepared for our new arrival?
That I'm not so sure about.

This pregnancy has totally flown by
and it definitely hasn't consumed my entire existence the way my first one did.
I have a beautiful toddler who demands and deserves a good proportion of my time and attention
and even now, as I carry around a huge beach ball belly,
there are still times when I totally forget I'm even expecting.
And as a result I do wonder if I've really had time to get my head around what's happening.

When this little baby arrives I will obviously not be new to this.
I'm not a new mummy anymore
and not only have I done the whole baby thing before,
but it wasn't really that long ago,
so the newborn phase doesn't phase me to much.
It's not an unknown entity this time
and I know we came through unscathed last time
and not only unscathed but wanting to do it all over again,
so I know we can do it.
We can cope with night feeds and those terrible first few nappies.
We can survive the early weeks when you live from one moment to the next
thinking that any form of routine or normality will never be possible.
We have had a baby before and we can do it again.

But at the same time
I am terribly, terribly, nervously and excitedly new.
Because I've never been a mummy of two before.
When we did the newborn thing before
we just went with the flow.
There were three of us to suit
and in reality the bigger two of the three were just happy to do whatever worked for the littlest one.
This time there are four of us to keep happy,
and while I imagine us two big ones will be bending over backwards all over again
it will be to please two little people and not just the one.
I know we'll still be going with the flow like last time,
it'll just be a different kind of flow I guess.

So the truth is
that we are as ready as we can be I suppose.
Physically, definitely.
Mentally, maybe.
Because while we physically know what we're letting ourselves in for
I don't think you can ever really mentally prepare yourself for a baby.
Splodge will just arrive like a whirlwind
and we'll make it work.
We'll all make adjustments
and we'll all go with the flow,
because that's what makes a family.
And ours is about to grow by one


  1. Wow I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has gone!

    1. I know. You're telling me. Can't believe that I'm full term. Just doesn't seem real. x

  2. What a lovely post and so happy that your beautiful family is growing! It feels like only yesterday i was watching your announcement video and any time now Splodge could be arriving. I've only known you a short while but it's clear how much motherhood means to you and what a fantastic mummy you are, The Beautiful Boy and Splodge are blessed! xxx

    1. Awww, what a lovely comment. This pregnancy does seem to have flown by, and for all my worries and reservations at times, I am so looking forward to having two little people to care for and to love. Motherhood is such a gift and I plan on enjoying every single second. x

  3. I am worried about just the same thing, but I am sure our little boys will adapt and make great big brothers. Enjoy your last few days as a three x

    1. I think a lot of my anxieties regarding having number two revolve around us coping rather than the little guy. I genuinely think that he'll just take it in his stride. Whereas I know that the hubby and I will be going crazy trying to make it a smooth transition for him, while also settling into our strides with a newborn. We'll be fine though, we're like old pros now. x

  4. I can't believe how time has flown and you are now gearing up to be a family of four. I couldn't imagine having one in our lives, and look how easily they have slotted in. It feels like we were never a two, always a three. You are bound to be nervous but as soon as Splodge is here, I bet you will never imagine what it was like being a three.
    You have a lovely little family, and the new addition is going to make it even more perfect.

    1. Once they are here, you do tend to forget what it was ever like without them. I often wonder what we did with ourselves before. I don't think you can ever really grasp the changes until they happen. But I am so excited about those changes now, and I can't wait to introduce my babies. x

  5. I suppose really it makes no difference whether you're ready or not as it's splodge who'll decide who's ready ;)
    Good luck! Looking forward to the big news x

    1. Very true. It definitely nice to know that we are at least a little bit prepared though, and I do feel like we are now. Or as much as we can be, x

  6. Good luck with everything hon! I can't wait to 'meet' her! Oooo, I wrote that unconsciously! That must mean it's a girl!!! :0) x

    1. Hehe. We'll find out soon enough. I am desperate to know what Splodge is now, makes this last bit really exciting as we sway backwards and forwards between boy and girl vibes. X

  7. Three weeks till your due date?! I too can't believe how quickly that has come around!

    What a wonderfully exciting time for you all x

    1. Yep. Well two and a half actually. So excited now. I just want to meet this little person. X

  8. So exciting that you're nearly there! I'll be watching and reading very carefully over the next few months as preparation for when our own little one comes along in February. I will need proof that it is all very do-able!! ;) I'm sure you guys will adapt beautifully, and I can't wait to hear all about your new journey. x

    1. Ahhh, thank-you. I'm sure it'll be very do-able, not that we have very much choice now. We'll just have to find a way! ;) x

  9. It is so exciting, the bag being ready and the feeling of anticipation. I wish all the best and will look forward to seeing those baby pics!

    1. It is an exciting time, although I'm not so great at the waiting element of it. :) x


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