sparkle {see it snap it love it}

Some days are just sort of sparkly.
The shells sparkle on the sand,
the sun sparkles off the sea,
and you have a lovely little sparkly boy to watch playing.

Unfortunately my camera sort of let me down on this one.
I broke one of my lens when I decided to fall a few weeks back
and it's currently in for repair,
and the lens I'm using in the mean time just isn't quite the same.
So I didn't capture the sparkles quite how I'd like to.

And it's excuses all around here this week.
I totally forgot about See It Snap It Love It until I was about to go to bed,
so I didn't contact a Photo of the Week
and I didn't get my post together as early as normal.
Sorry everyone.

So I'm choosing the theme again
and I'm going with something really easy; 
Do with that what you will.

But this week it's all about 'Sparkle'
so link your pictures up,
tweet me your links for a retweet
and get round sharing some comment love.

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  1. Your little boy is so precious...when they are little like this...couldn't you just freeze the time?
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

    1. Definitely, freezing time would be so appealing at some moments. But then he's also learning so much at the moment that I can't wait to see what he'll work out next. X

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe. It was a very lovely late summer day. We've been making the most of the last days of sun before the colder weather kicks in. X

  3. It is a lovely photo...left wondering if he made it into the sea!

    1. He did. We went for a paddle right after I took these photos. X

  4. How perfect is that! I love beach scenes but this has it all going on with the boat and the lovely sky too. I would love you to join me on my Country Kids too with any outdoor snaps like this. Just been having a good look round your blog, wow beauty from start to finish! Linking up now too!

    1. Ahhh thanks. I'll pop across and link up with Country Kids now. So glad you like the picture. X

  5. I feel like this about my baby, I cannot believe that she is growing up so quickly and each and every day she gets a little bit more grown up. But like you say they will always be our babies. I love the photos, lots of pretty colours. x

  6. God damn it I just commented on the wrong post! Grrrr! This one was for your new post! x

  7. Such a lovely picture. It sparkles without the sprakles. Bummer about the lens.

    Herding Cats

    1. Thank-you. I just wish it had been a bit sparklier, but never mind. X


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