one week new

You came into the world and captured our hearts completely.

And in one short week
it already seemed like you have always been around.
Like you had always been part of our little family.

You were such a content and chilled out baby
and you made life with a newborn very easy for Mummy and Daddy.
Most of the day was spent either eating or sleeping,
and you were very quickly learning to sleep through the noise that your big brother made playing.

You were already starting to track him around the room when he moved
and we just knew that you were going to adore him.
We were sure you'd save all your best smiles and giggles for him
because you already seemed so interested in him.
You were very alert and interested in looking at the world around you,
so much so that you were already holding your head up to watch things
when you really shouldn't have been.
You were clearly going to be a nosey baby.

You were a fantastic sleeper
and right from the first night you had a long stretch of sleep,
and by your one week birthday
you seemed to have settled into a routine of having a feed about 11.30pm
the going straight to bed and sleeping until 7am.
You had joined a family who like their sleep
and it seemed like you were following suit.
Not that we would allow ourselves to believe it would all stay that way
but you were definitely making the transition into a family of four very easy on everyone.

Feeding was going really well
and it seemed like you were born just knowing what to do with breastfeeding.
And despite the fact that you were doing a long sleep at night
you were already gaining weight really well.
By five days, not only had you not lost weight as would be expected,
but you had gone up from your birth weight of 7lb 14oz to 8lb 2oz.

When you lost your little belly button stump we gave you your first bath.
Like most newborns
you weren't terribly keen on being stripped naked
but once you got used to the warm water pouring over your skin
you seemed to quite like your first splash about.

You had brought a lovely feeling over us when you came into the world.
There was lots of love obviously,
we adored you right from the start,
but you had also brought a content and complete feeling with you.
You made us feel like a proper family,
and we could wait to watch our family develop and grow up.
You just seemed like the perfect fit.


  1. What a beautiful post, has made me well up a bit thinking of when my little girl was just a week old. Congratulations on her safe arrival and I hope you're all doing really well xxx

    1. Ahhh, thank-you. She's such a little star, we feel so lucky. X

  2. How totally perfect and beautiful! X.

  3. Beautiful post and beautiful girl x

  4. What a beautiful girl! Congratulations to all of you!

  5. I have been so caught up in deadlines, I missed that she was here. HUGE congratulations!

    1. Hehe. She's here!!! Thanks, we're totally in love with her. X

  6. She is a very easy baby isn't she and I am so jealous of how much sleep you are having already! She is very beautiful. Xx

    1. It won't last Jenny, I'm sure. Or she'll make up for it in some other way... like her teen years! Hehehe. X

  7. What a lovely post :) so glad all is going well! Such a beautiful little baby xxx

  8. Gorgeous girl and what an amazing sleeper! Can't believe how fast a week goes x

    1. We're so lucky, she's a star. She's making life very easy for us all. X

  9. I can't believe she has already been here a week- how exciting and what a wonderful time for you all. Lets hope her amazing sleep continues! x

    1. Fastest week ever I think. We're all still in a bit of a dream I think. Just hoping she stays this content and chilled. X

  10. Beautiful post for a beautiful little girl - congratulations again! x

  11. Lovely little one!!! I just stumbled upon your sweet blog randomly and am following ya via GFC :) Excited to read more, girl!


    1. Ahhh, thanks for the lovely comment. I'm glad you stumbled across my blog, I'm off to look at yours now, x


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