splodge and me at thirty-eight weeks

Splodge's Size:
Splodge is officially the size of a watermelon.
Quite a whopper!
Although I have to confess that at this late stage in the game
that I am hoping, hoping, hoping for another little baby like the little man was.

Splodge's Development:
Splodge is basically all cooked and ready.
It's just a case of growing a bit more,
wriggling around a lot,
and getting into a good position for birth.

My Size:
My waist has gained another inch in the last fortnight
and is 44 and a half inches around.
And it would be fair to say that I definitely feel
like I'm carrying a watermelon around under my skin.

My Pregnancy Development:
I'm ready.
So ready.
Some days I still feel pretty comfortable
other days I feel like I'm falling apart.
With two weeks until due date
I am still telling myself it could be four weeks.
I was lucky with the little man
and he came a few days early,
and I just can't help feeling that I won't get so lucky again.

My Body:
I've had to start taking iron tablets
as, following the extra blood tests I had as a result of falling a few weeks ago,
they discovered that my iron levels are low.
Apparently it's not too surprising that my iron is low this close to the end,
and most pregnant women wouldn't have their blood routinely tested this late on,
so it's just a little bit of luck I guess that the extra blood tests picked it up.
My belly button has popped out,
which I find really freaky and actually quite uncomfortable.
It didn't pop out with the little man
but he stayed stubbornly in a back to back position from about 34 weeks.
Splodge still rotates around quite a bit
and my belly button only pops out when they are front to back,
which I guess makes sense
as it makes my bump totally solid.
I would obviously the little person to stay in a front to back position,
so an uncomfortable and freaky belly button is a small price to pay.
The head is still down in my pelvis
though not completely engaged,
but it does like to test out just how far down it can push on occasion
which is pretty "ouchy".

My Appetite:
Some days I'm famished and can quite happily eat all day,
while others I have absolutely no interest in food at all.
However I am obsessed with dairy foods,
exactly like I was at the end last time.
If there isn't some dairy element to my meal
then it quite frankly isn't a meal.
So we're getting through a lot of cheese and milk.

I've passed the full term barrier
and reached that waiting game stage of "any day now",
which is really exciting,
but also a bit frustrating.
We're ready to meet you now Splodge!


  1. You are still looking fab and sure it won't be long now! To get to thirty eight weeks with an 'innie' is pretty impressive! Thinking this might be your last fornightly update! ;)

    1. I would LOVE for this to be my last fortnightly update. But I guess at the worst ill only have one more as I'd like to think they'll induce me at 42.
      The belly button is so weird. It stayed in last time so it's all new! X

  2. How exciting. I was addicted to milk at this stage with little man x

    1. I reckon it has something to do with the extra calcium you need to make up for what they are taking. I am obsessed. X

  3. You look lovely and very pregnant! ;) I shall let you into a secret- I have the worlds most horrible belly button. It is like a crater it is so big, I had it pierced till I was 20 weeks with mads, not because I particularly liked it but because it covered some of if up. Even at full term it never popped out, it just looked like I didnt have one and Mr E said it used to give him nightmares!


    1. Haha. I love that you have a freaky belly button. That has really made me smile. X

  4. You look fantastic. Good luck with the birth and hope you keep well x

  5. You look fantastic! I hope little splodge comes soon. xx

  6. oh how great do you look?! it seems that your pregnancy has flown by,not much longer left! :)

    1. It has definitely flown by. I expected the third trimester to go a little slower, but no. And now I'm nearly due. So exciting. X

  7. All I could hear when I read your post was the line from Dirty Dancing "I carried a watermelon"!!! You look like you have the perfect beach ball under there! I know you must want the day to just come now! Last few weeks as a family of three! How exciting! xxx

    1. Hehe. I was thinking the exact same thing when I was writing it. Carrying a watermelon is pretty awesome.
      I'm definitely making the mist of our last days as a three, but excited about the changes too. X

  8. Still looking amazing. Hope you managed to enjoy summer. Best of British for the time ahead!

    1. Thank-you. We've definitely made the most of the summer, enjoying our last months as a three.

  9. you look amazing! i totally understand about being ready. baby girl finally made her appearance on thursday, six days overdue. hang in there mama ... almost there!!

    1. Yay! She's here. I'm so pleased to hear that. And everyone seems to be going overdue at the moment which is one reason why I'm convinced I still have a way to go. X


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