packed: splodge's hospital bag

I think it's really easy to overpack your baby bag
especially when you have lots of lovely new outfits
that you can't wait to see your newborn in.
And while I don't think overpack for myself
I could be a little guilty of taking too many things for the baby.

But then I don't think anything could convince me to take less
because we all know how nasty those first nappies are.
And having plenty of nice outfits available is a necessity so that your precious little newborn always looks lovely and smells fresh.

With both pregnancies I've packed all the baby things into my changing bag.
I think it makes a nice first outing for that all important bag.
Plus they always have plenty of space and pockets for all the things you need.
I have recently purchased a new Pink Lining changing bag which is designed for two children.
I love my existing Pink Lining and was a bit devastated that it wouldn't be big enough for all the things I'd need for two babies
so when I saw the Twice As Nice I was desperate for one.
It has tons of pockets to keep all the baby essentials in
and is nice and big therefore allowing me to pack plenty of cute little baby clothes.

In the bag I have three sleepsuits.
I am obsessed with little teeny newborns in white sleepsuits so I plan on keeping my little Splodge in them for at least a few weeks
just as I did with the beautiful boy.
I have three vests
and for newborns I think the ones that open up the whole way are really useful
as wrangling a vest over the floppy head of a tiny baby isn't easy.
They are also easier to remove if you get a nappy failure
which can be pretty common in the early days when their dinky little bodies don't fill out the nappies yet.
I also have another three outfits,
still all in white.
One is a little romper which can double up as an extra vest,
one is the outfit that we brought the beautiful boy home from hospital in
and which I hope to put his new baby brother or sister in too,
the last one is a cute little sleepsuit which is quite similar to the going home outfit
but which is new for Splodge.
I will probably use it for first photos in hospital
or as a back up coming home outfit
if the planned one gets dirty.

There are also three pairs of newborn socks
I always found that Gap socks were the best
because they were the only ones that would actually stay on.
I also have two pairs of scratch mits
although I didn't really use them with the little man,
but if the weather is cold when we come home we may want them to keep teeny fingers warm.
There are also three little hats packed in,
of slightly different sizes,
to help keep my newborn munchkin nice and warm.

I have packed three bibs
not that they are really all that necessary in the early days
but I might want them and they don't take up much space.
I have two big muslin cloths,
although like the bibs I probably won't need them until later on when the baby starts eating more and therefore puking more,
but muslins were always the baby item I couldn't do without when the little man was tiny
so I wouldn't consider a baby bag packed without them.

I have the all important newborn nappies
which quite frankly look teeny when I'm now used to toddler sized ones.
Plus I also have a packet of baby wipes
as well as a big bag of cotton wool.
I'll admit that I was a bit naughty with the little man
and ignored the instructions of the midwife on the ward
and used baby wipes right from the start for nappy changes
instead of the cotton wool and water they recommend.
I just can't see how cotton wool and water will ever cut through those meconium nappies.
Cotton wool is still useful for making baby all clean and shiny
I just prefer wipes for nappies.
I know that newborn skin is sensitive
and that water is more gentle than wipes
and obviously I'll stop using them if the babies skin looks sore
but we seem to be a family with pretty good, not-sensitive skin.
Similarly there is a mini Sudocrem in there
for nappy changes,
to help protect Splodge's skin with a barrier of cream if needed.

I have packed a small colourful baby bed sheet
which I may use in the cot
or to swaddle the baby with.
I really like the idea of swaddling
but the little man never took to it
and liked to have his arms free.
But I did swaddle him when we were in hospital and he was the best sleeper on the ward.
I also have a blanket which my Nan knitted when we had the beautiful boy.
The little man is strictly lending it though
and will want it back as it is his car blanket.
But it's also nice and small and soft
and so perfect for tucking in a newborn.

Are there any baby essentials that I've forgotten?


  1. I packed my bag around 30 weeks I was so excited :) We also used the changing bag to put his things in for hospital. I also have a Pink Lining bag and I love it, Its a perfect size.

  2. wow! Is there anything you have forgotten? Seriously? Lol. What a beautiful bag!

  3. That is a really beautiful bag and you are certainly very organised!

  4. Makes my broody again looking at the teeny sleepsuits! It's exciting getting the hospital bag ready, you look very organised :-)

  5. Looks like you have got everything covered, how exciting. Packing the bag makes it feel so much more real doesn't it?x

  6. Oh god I am so broody I could cry, my hospital bags were always a disaster, as both my babes were unwell I ended up running out of sleepsuits by day 2, I will be crazy packing them next time I am sure, neither of mine came home in their coming home outfit too, which always upset me.
    I also prefer wipes, like you say cotton wool and water don't cut it.
    Gorgeous bag lovely, so excited for you x

  7. I adore that bag! In fact, thanks to an incident with a spilt pot of grapes that went unnoticed for several days, I am now in the market for a new bag. This one looks perfect!
    Glad you're all sorted for the big arrival... any day now! x

  8. Aww I love your hospital bag, it's gorgeous. You are so organised. I hadn't completely finished packing my bag until I went in to be induced at 40+10, because I thought there'd still be plenty of time when labour would eventually start ;)

  9. I m drooling over that bag. I have been struggling with our bags - just not enough room for 2 kiddos. Can't wait to meet Splodge!

  10. I so love this post! So glad found this right on time as looking to pack my bags second time and already forgotten things i did two years back :) xx


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