brush baby review

Brush-baby sent us their special chewable toothbrush at exactly the right time.
The beautiful boy had been working on some more pearly whites lately
and while teething has never bothered or upset him,
he does get very dribbly and chewy when they are on the move.

The brush-baby tooth brush has a unique design
that allows him to be completely independent about cleaning his teeth
and relies on him chewing the brush
which he seemed to get the hang of really quickly.
He has always really enjoyed having his teeth cleaned 
and will open his mouth nice and wide for us at the sight of his toothbrush
so I was unsure what he'd make of it
But he seems to have really enjoyed using it
and it's nice to know that something which has been easing his teething discomfort
has also been helping to clean his teeth.

We also tested out the brush-baby toothpaste
which you apply to the brush and which has an apple mint flavour.
I'll confess that apple mint sounded like a strange combination to me
but he seemed to like it.
He happily chewed on the brush until there was no hint of toothpaste left anyway.
It's a low fluoride toothpaste which is important for small children
as you don't want them consuming too much fluoride
and as they tend to swallow rather than spit out the foam they make
a low fluoride toothpaste is the best option.

We were sent the brush-baby chewable toothbrush and toothpaste
for the purposes of this review,
but all words and opinions are my own.

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