your twenty-seventh month

You were such an incredible kid.

And the rate you were learning things just blew us away.
Having hesitantly started telling you a couple of letter sounds
when you pointed to letters in your play,
you now knew most of them.
Mummy was over the moon to be getting to pass on her phonics knowledge to you,
and your thirst for learning made us terribly proud.
You would stop letters and numbers all over the place now
and excitedly tell us what it was you could see.
We were so worried about not wanting to be pushy with you,
but taking our lead from you
you just seemed to desperate to learn everything . . . NOW!

We had been offering you an open, grown up cup
and for a little while we'd been having no luck at all,
you just hadn't been interested.
But all of a sudden you cracked it
and after a few messy attempts
where you poured practically the entire cup of water down your front,
you could do it now
and loved having opportunities to practise.

You were going through an absolute obsession with the slide
and would ask to go to the park every single time we went out the front door.
Once at the park, you could play on the slide for ages,
with an occasional break to go on the swings.
You were so confident on the climbing equipment now
and it was lovely to see you being so independent,
especially when there were other children at the park
and you would wait patiently while they used the equipment.


  1. My little man is desperate to learn everything as well and I love watching him taking it all in. You have a very bright little boy! x

    1. Toddlers just want to learn everything NOW!!! It's so great watching him want to know things. x

  2. Such a lovely thing for your son to read back on and what gogeous photos!

    1. Aww, thank-you. He'll have a lot of reading to do when he's bigger! x

  3. They are growing so fast aren't they?! Mads speaks like a proper person now, although maybe I will have to pick your brains about phonics as I have no clue! He is so gorgeous. X

    1. So fast, it's scary. And pick away, if there is one thing I learned a lot about when I was teaching, it was phonics. x

  4. They grow so fast - I mean I know they grow but it feels like someones puts time into hyperdrive this year. I can't believe Ozzy will be at school soon.

    Patience is a wonderful trait for a child to have, bless him x

    1. So true, I'm sure time gets faster with each passing year. Scary stuff. And I'm so proud of him waiting at the park, just as shame we don't apply that at home too!!! x

  5. Oh goodness what a smart wee man! I wish my wee man was patient at the park he is more like it's all mine!

    1. It's a pretty recent skill, him waiting for his turn. But it only applies at the park at the moment, not to anything else!!! x

  6. He's growing up so fast and clearly is a very bright and intelligent boy! So pleased to read that he's doing well ;) xxx

    1. He's growing SOOO fast. It's scary but amazing. x

  7. So lovely. It's amazing what little sponges they are. x


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