fifteen things i love

I love the completely honest, innocent and wholehearted way that my children laugh.

I love the warm glowing light that shines through the curtains and across the duvet in the morning.

I love white flowers. All white flowers.

I love when movies or music bring me to tears.

I love the beach, and the sunshine, and the water. I will live at the beach one day.

I love my fluffy babies, especially the smell of their paws.

I love that I have wonderful parents that I can call my friends.

I love getting lost in a good book. Classic ones are the best.

I love dancing. Both proper dance classes and impromptu dance parties with my babies.

I love that my beautiful boy just adores giving and receiving hugs and kisses.

I love that my beautiful girl is a bit of a mummy's girl.

I love that "dear beautiful" tells the story of our lives.

I love that I found a lovely man to share my life with.

I love my beautiful children.

I love that my dreams have come true.

Life is good.....

I'm linking up with Becky at Ar-Blog's "15 things I love" linky.


  1. Lovely post! I love the photo in the tree and the kissing one! :0) x x x

  2. So lovely Lucy! Love your lovely things!

  3. Ah what a lovely post to read :) Full of lots of happiness!

    Bump to Baby

  4. This list is beautiful. I love it

  5. I really enjoy this linky, great to see everyone's 15 things!

  6. This is beautiful Lucy. You have such a wonderful way with words. I love how this is like a poem. The photos are beautiful too.
    And I've never seen anyone look so pretty in a shower cap before xx

  7. Oh my dear lord, I don't think I've ever seen a cute photo then the photo of your little darling in that shower cap!!!

  8. Gorgeous list! It's amazing how many beautiful things we have in our lives :)

  9. LOVE getting lost in a good book :)

  10. I love the picture in the shower cap - we're all sat here laughing at her! what a cutie!

  11. Such a lovely post and absolutely gorgeous photos of your beautiful children x

  12. Awwww lovely Lucy. You always seem so happy and content. :-) xx

  13. Lovely words and gorgeous photos!! :)

  14. This is so lovely, and a nice and happy post to read on a cold and miserable day! I love similar things to you but then I would cause we are PIC's! ;) x


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