thirty-four weeks new

You were so keen to explore the world around you.

You had loved sitting and watching the world go by for some time,
but all of a sudden you wanted to be more involved with everything.
You would grab for toys as they moved out of your reach
and had got really crafty at pulling your play at towards you
so that things came back within reach.

We had our suspicions that you would be a bottom shuffler
rather than a crawler.
And the signs were starting to show that we may be right.
You could bounce your way closer to things
and rotate around in a sitting position.
When you were sitting up in the bath
you could manage to get all over the place just by moving your legs.
You could definitely get yourself moving around
despite the fact you didn't crawl,
that was for sure.

You had also suddenly decided that you wanted to stand.
And you were really quite balanced in that position.
Your face would light up if we held your fingers 
so you could stand on your feet of a bit,
and you would refuse to bend again in order to sit down.
It seemed like one of your favourite reasons for liking to stand
was that it got you up and level with your brother.
He would often come over to give you a cuddle
whenever you were trying to stand,
and you would giggle wildly with excitement.


  1. She is rather beautiful! Happy 34 weeks little fairy x

  2. BG is growing up so fast, it is so lovely that she has such a detailed account of growing up. One day she is going to adore this, as it the bb xx


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