thirty-two weeks new

You were such an easy, cheerful little baby.

You would happily sit and watch the world go by
and only really complained if you were getting tired.
Lots of people commented on how content you were
and it made us extremely proud of you.

You were definitely a cautious little thing though
because you didn't immediately smile for everyone.
You had managed to perfect a teenage style look
where you seemed to checking people out
before you would decide to bless them with one of your big grins.

You were starting to bounce up and down on your bottom
when we sat you down.
And we were beginning to wonder
if you might be a bottom shuffler
instead of a crawler.
You were already using this little bounce
to get you closer to toys you had dropped
and had worked out to shuffle closer to your brother in the bath,
and with you still pretty unsure about playing on your tummy,
it seemed like you were going to find your own way
of doing things and getting around.

We were starting to vary up your foods more
and we're introducing new food combinations all the time.
You seemed to like absolutely everything;
smooth cereals and fruit for lunch,
finger foods like toast, crackers, biscuits and more fruits for lunch,
and various different puréed veggies for dinner
with your absolute favourite for dessert, fromage frais.

You loved to make noise and try to communicate
and some of your sounds were increasingly sounding like mimicked words.
You had also started to do a funny, breathless, yelping, howling kind of sound.
You brother had done it too and we had thought it was super unusual
but there was clearly something about our babies
and liking that particular sound.
You would have shouting, squealing conversations with your brother too,
and you clearly enjoyed these times,
even if the pair of you did get ridiculously loud.
You just loved any opportunity to be doing anything with him
and it was so lovely to see.


  1. O DEAR....the first picture...the shower cap?! I can't handle the cuteness. I need to do this with Ember!!! SO DARLING:)

    1. I know. She looked so sweet. And she just sat there with it on like it was the most normal thing ever. x


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