thirty-three weeks new

You were growing more amazing and more adorable with each day.

And it had taken long enough,
but you had finally decided that you really liked to sleep at night.
As a newborn you had been the most amazing sleeper,
sleeping though the night right from your first night
and for continued like that for the first weeks.
But somewhere along the way you had forgotten how,
and decided that you liked middle of the night cuddles and milk.
So it was about time you went back to your good sleeping ways.
You weren't quite managing twelve hours yet,
but you were getting nearer all the time,
which made for a very happy mummy and daddy.

You had your first cold,
and hilariously you chose to come down with it
in the first spell of really hot weather that we had.
It made us so sorry for you to see your sad eyes.
But you didn't let it spoil your fun in the sun;
or in the shade really.

We took you for an adventure in the woods to see the bluebells.
You looked like our own little flower fairy nestled in amongst the pretty purple flowers.
And it was so cute to see you excitedly exploring the world around you,
feeling the grass between your fingers,
admiring the colourful blooms,
and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

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