thirty-five weeks new

You were changing and growing and surprising us constantly.

And having sworn that you were going to bum shuffle
and bypass crawling completely,
all of a sudden you were everywhere.
You weren't quite crawling yet,
but you were rolling here there and everywhere
and managing to drag yourself all over the floor on your tummy.

You had even managed to get yourself half wedged under the sofa,
and you would zone in on a particular toy
and get a determined look on your face and go for it.
Although your coordination still left a bit to be desired,
as you often ended up travelling backwards while focusing intently on going forwards.

You were getting to close to the elusive 12 hours sleep at night
and had fallen into a really great routine all of a sudden,
with very clear meal and nap times
and you seemed happy as anything now you knew where you were.
There was definitely a pattern to your days,
even down to your active times
and your more cuddly times.

It absolutely melted our hearts 
to see the way that you and your brother were starting to play together.
Your games at the moment mostly consisted of him cuddling you while you giggled,
him rolling you over on the floor whilst ticking you
which would drive you wild with excited screams and laughs,
and the two of you have shouting conversations with each other.
We could have sworn you were making each other cheekier by the day
and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

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