thirty-six weeks new

Your learning was coming on in leaps and bounds.

And you had had a big week in respect of your physical development.
You were really starting to move around a lot,
and would shuffle, roll and backwards crawl your way around the room.
It was definitely more of a commando crawl
but you were getting stronger all the time.

With your new found mobility,
came some new found cheekiness
where you would grab at things you weren't supposed to
and look at us in a way that seemed to say
"I know I shouldn't but how can you say no?"
We had lost count of the soggy puzzle pieces we had pulled from your clutches
and the amount of times we'd grab a charger cable as it approached your mouth.
But you just seemed to find it all very funny.

You could stand up on your own if you were holding on,
and it amazed us
how big and grown up you looked stood up in that way.
You were so incredibly proud of yourself
as you wobbled and balanced repeatedly.

You adored being vertical in general
and wanted to stand on our laps rather than sit on them
and you would push down to stand up straight as soon as your feet touched a surface.

You were a big people watcher
just like Mummy,
and your brother before you,
and it made you a lovely companion to take out and about.
As long as there were people to look at and smile at
you were happily in your element.

But your favourite people to watch were definitely your family.
Daddy, Mummy and your big brother offered endless sources of entertainment,
even the cats were hugely fun for you to watch.
It was lovely to see how much you enjoyed being a part of the family
and how the simplest things resulted in your biggest smiles.

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  1. I simply love those arms.. I want to eat them!! Standing up holding on to things.. what an effort!!


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