me and mine {may}

Daddy is loving
* going on Gruffalo hunts in the woods.
* Ben and Jerry's Clever Cookie ice-cream.
* having a boys day in Birmingham
* wifey's cowboy pie for dinner.
* getting more sleep

Mummy is loving
* going to the cinema to watch The Great Gatsby.
* being back teaching dance twice a week.
* watching the beautiful babies start to properly play together.
* lunch dates with my gorgeous man.
* full nights of sleep.

The beautiful boy is loving
* bouncing on any and all bouncy surfaces.
* sleeping in a proper big boy bed.
* seeing 'purple-bells'.
* slides, slides and more slides.
* meeting the Gruffalo.

The beautiful girl is loving
* screaming, screeching, shouting and generally making loud noises.
* tucking into some fingers of toast.
* sleeping.
* moving around here, there and everywhere.
* belly tickles from her brother.

Me & Mine is a family portrait project to inspire you to get more whole family photos.
Most people will tell you that they don't get enough family photos,
and no one will tell you they take too many.
So seven of us came together 
committed to taking and to sharing our family portraits every month.
We will send you round in a circle to see what each other have done,
and at the end why not take and link up one of your own.
I promise you won't regret it.

This month I sending you to see Lucy and her gorgeous boys
at her absolutely inspiring blog Capture by Lucy.
Go and check it out, it's amazing.

We have a Me & Mine board on Pinterest 
and will pin your images there too if you are happy for us to.
In the mean time take a look, 
it has all our photos so far all together in one place,
so you can see how all our children have grown since January.
You never know it might even inspire you a little.

You've seen Me & Mine,
now we want to see you and yours...

dear beautiful


  1. The backdrop is gorgeous! I love the photo of you all sat on the log.
    And Yay! for summer clothes! xx

    1. Couldn't resist a whole family bluebell shot. I just love them. (The bluebells and the family!!!) x

  2. Lovely 'purple bells' photos! I love the last one! x

    1. Thanks hun. Nothing says May like some purple bells. x

  3. Yeah! Bluebells as promised! Beautiful Lucy!

    1. I do like to deliver on my promises. Thank-you. x

  4. The beautiful family in beautiful bluebells - I adore it! Wow thanks for the intro ;)

  5. Lovely. I had to obscure a plaster cast on my right leg this month!!!

  6. Loving the bluebells :) Beautiful shots.

  7. Oh you all look so happy and content - I love this series so much. I've tried everything but Papasaurus is just not letting me take his photo and put in on my blog. The swine!

  8. This is beautiful Lucy, as you know I love bluebells and I love your little family in them even more! x

  9. Gorgeous photos - I love the co-ordinated outfits too! L x

  10. This is lovely, and so summery which is great given the awfulness of the weather lately!

    I seem to have had a lot of trouble with the linky this month and think I have ended up thumbnail-less (probably just as well given the quality of the picture, mind you!). Glad to be joining in again though!

  11. O didnt know you teach dance. So awesome. What style and age range??!!

  12. Beautiful family and gorgeous photos xx

  13. Beautiful family picture, we took some pretty bluebells pics this weekend too x

  14. Yay, bluebells! And very impressive outfit co-ordiination ; )


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