Sometimes finding beauty is an easy thing to do.
It's always there to find
but you have to look for it.

It is no secret
that watching these two is one of my greatest joys.
Their relationship,
their bond,
it amazes me.
It is the single most beautiful thing that I think I have ever witnessed.

It is simple.

It is love.

It comes without conditions.

They just do.

Lately their growing friendship
has turned into real and proper playing together.
And I love nothing better than stumbling across these moments.
Where the beautiful boy and beautiful girl are having their own spontaneous moments of fun,
their own little giggle and tickle party.
The sort of party that up until now have always been started by mummy or daddy
but which now happen just as happily without us.

This tickle party was a noisy one.
A very, very noisy one.
There was squealing.
There was screeching.
There was hysterical laughter.

And I was on the phone . . .

But sometimes choosing to find the beauty in life is just more important than a phone call.
Sometimes if you look past the jobs that need doing, the errands that need running,
if you ignore the clock and the to-do list,
and the downright racket and chaos that two children can cause on a daily basis
then the beauty is right there all along.


  1. Watching my girls giggle at each other is definitely one of my great joys too. These are lovely photos of a beautiful duo.

  2. Lucy, what wonderful photos and what lovely children. My toddler is not overly keen on our new baby. I hope that they will grow to be friends but right now, the best we have is tolerance. It is rather amusing to listen to the toddler's reasons why the baby should go and live somewhere else but I hope that one day, he'll accept that they have to live togeher :-)

  3. This is gorgeous lucy, and I LOVE the bond between siblings. Watching my girl's relationship grow stronger every day is amazing. x

  4. Ah that's so lovely and I can't wait to watch Iyla and Jobey as he gets older and they start interacting more. Already she is trying to play with him, she's always putting things in his hand and laughing hysterically when he shakes it around and she LOVES dressing him up already! So cute - I just hope they don't end up like me and my sister who tried to rip each others hair out 24 hours a day for about 13 years! x

  5. I can only imagine how beautiful it is to watch. These pictures captures such a special moment to treasure forever!

  6. Aww, I really hope that my two continue getting on. Dylan loves to play with Archie but doesn't get much back from him yet so I think things will only get better over the coming months! x

  7. so sweet! Ty can make M laugh harder and cuter than anyone else. Melts my heart. I love the way your little boy is looking at his baby sis. So tender:)


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