farewell to the summer

It's been an amazing summer,
full of sunshine and adventures,
and generally enjoying each other and the great outdoors.
Just thinking about what an amazing few months we've had,
makes me smile from ear to ear.
It's been beautiful.

And we finished it in style!
If you've followed any of our summer fun,
you'll know that the seaside has played a big part,
and that being at a beach is our happy place.
You'll also know I'm a teeny bit in love with a beach hut.

So we rented one,
a perfectly pink beach hut,
all ours,
for the entire day.
The sun came out to play,
and we said goodbye to an amazing summer
in the very best way possible.


  1. I think that is honestly the most gorgeous beach hut I've ever laid eyes upon! Beautiful! Love all the little touches! Course the two cute children only add to the view!xx

  2. Oh my gosh. You made me almost squeal out loud with delight. That is the most beautiful beach hut. I am just a little bit obsessed with beach huts myself. Last year we actually rented one for the day in Corwall and the experience sad every bit as brilliant as I hoped it would be.

  3. Please excuse the spelling mistakes in my last comment. My iPad went funny and wouldn't let me edit what I had just typed!

  4. Oh my did not know you could hire beach huts what a fab idea and what a beautiful one you had. your photos beautiful as always :) x

  5. That beach hut looks like a dream to have for the day. I love the little accessories inside. Love a beach day xx

  6. Now that really is saying farewell to the summer in style, that beach hut is just utterly gorgeous and perfect, just look at all the pink and the bunting too!

  7. I love the beach hut! It's gorgeous. Lovely photos as always :) xx

  8. How beautiful!! Lovely pics and a beeooootiful setting!! I have always secretly hankered after a beach hut! ;)

  9. Oh that beach hut is just beautiful - I didn't even know you could hire them! Beautiful pictures and a glorious Summer x

  10. Lovely photos Lucy, and what a stunning little location & adorable kiddo's you have x x x

  11. I didn't even realise you could rent beach huts! x

  12. How perfect, I want that beach hut - looks like you made wonderful memories xx

  13. Wow, that is pretty! Looks like you gave Summer a really good send off! x


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