your thirty-third month

We seemed to have been saying it for a while now
but your vocabulary and use of language just amazed us.

It seemed like you were making huge improvements to your speech
with each day that passed.
With ever longer and more complicated sentences and words
coming out of your mouth
and leaving us wondering how on earth you were learning all this.
The health visitor couldn't believe how chatty and articulate you were
and we loved that we could have proper conversations with you now.

You were obsessed with singing
and were slowly beginning to actually carry a tune
instead of just shouting the words.
With songs you really loved
you would even hum musical bits in between the words
which sounds kind of crazy, but very cute.
Television themes were your favourites,
followed by Twinkle Twinkle which was definitely your party piece.
You also liked singing some of the songs
that Mummy had put onto our videos,
it was so funny listening to you sing lyrics that you couldn't possibly understand
but hear you singing them with such conviction.

You were going through a bit of a phase of being a pickle at dinner time.
Breakfast and lunch were fine, 
but something about dinner
saw you trying to push our buttons.
You would refuse meals that we knew you loved,
or eat as slowly as was humanly possible.
You would want milk,
and then not want milk.
And want a different bowl.
You were gradually getting the message that your games weren't getting you anywhere,
but it wasn't half hard to keep a straight face sometimes
when you could be so funny when you were being stubborn.

Your thirty-third month saw you come down with a case of croup
which was so incredibly horrible and scary for us.
For the first time ever, you slept in bed with mummy,
because your breathing was so laboured and we were so worried.
Listening to you gasp for breath in the night
and then wheeze as you slept was awful,
but being woken up to your cuddles and kisses was very sweet.
You didn't let it totally dull your spirit,
but it was the first time that some kind of bug seemed to really get you down.

You were loving autumn
and we took you out on a few adventures to really enjoy it.
You especially loved squelching in the mud,
and kicking though the fallen leaves.
And your vivid imagination saw you
seeing elephants in the shapes of the trees
and gruffalos around every corner.
You made us see the world all sparkly and new
and so full of beauty and magic.


  1. He is always so smiley, his smile is contagious. I love his hair all ruffled in the bath pic.
    He has his Mummy as a teacher he is going to be a genius xx

    1. He is a pretty smiley kid it has to be said. And genius is one of his new favourite words funnily enough, which is nice because he thinks I am one. x

  2. Oh bless him! Mads is exactly the same it seems this month, we have been having serious trouble with meal times. And she also has started randomly singing along to my CD's in the car. It is very cute! xx

    1. They are clearly talking and planning these things in advance. The singing is seriously cute, makes my day listening to him cherp away. x

  3. He looks like he is having lots of fun with his books and the Autumn weather. Leo has too been loving Autum! And although he hasn't been singing along to anything quite yet... But i look forward to the moment that he does. I always love reading these accounts of the BB as it's nice to look ahead those few short months to see what Leo may be doing x


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