chameleon's colours {what we're reading}

I think one of the reasons that I love childrens books as much as I do
is the beautiful images that children (and their parents) get treated to.
The work that goes into illustrating children's books
is completely incredible.
And I am often drawn to books for the illustrations alone.

This book was one of those.
The pictures absolutely drew me in
because the illustrations in this book are truly a work of art.
But the big bonus here
is that the story is charming,
with underlying messages about being true to who you are.

Chameleon's Colours is the story of a chameleon
who is fed up of camouflage and the fact his own friends can't see him.
The other animals can't understand why he's unhappy
when they would all love to be able to change colours.
So he hatches a plan
to paint all the other animals in rainbow colours.

This initially makes the other animals really happy
but it soon backfires when they all realise
that they are all made the way they were for a reason.
Thankfully a thunderstorm saves the day
and washes the paint away
restoring everything back to how it should be.

We love reading this story
and it always sparks conversation about animals and colour.
In future I'm sure we'll also talk about camouflage 
and also the importance of being who you are
when we read it together.

Maggie Stone


  1. What a beautiful book and story too. Such a great idea for a children's story and the illustrations are beautiful too.

  2. Those are gorgeous illustration - especially the pink elephant! I'm a complete sucker for lovely illustrations in children's books too; there are a whole load of favourites that I wouldn't mind having as prints for their bedroom walls.

    1. This is definitely one that I'd quite like to frame as much as read. It's gorgeous. x

  3. We read this when we went to Center Parcs with you and really loved it, I agree the illustrations are beautiful. x

  4. This looks like a beautiful book, and I love the messages within the story. I think I may add this one to our wish list too x

    1. It really is, you won't be disappointed if you get it. x

  5. Ah this looks such a lovely book, the colours look so soft. I know I shouldn't but how a book looks really does have a huge bearing on whether I buy it!

    1. Oh me too, especially with children's books. I completely judge kids books by the cover and the pictures. Fortunately the story in this one doesn't disappoint either. x

  6. Oh Addison would love this book, she is animal mad, the colours are beautiful x

    1. It's a great book for animal lovers. We like working out what the animals are when they are all painted. x


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