out of the mouths of babes {november}

"I need a wee wee. And fast!"

"Ahhhhhh, MUMMY! I need to hold your hand."
(holds hand)
"Phew, that was a close one."

beautiful boy: "I drunk the water in the swimming pool."
Mummy: "Oh no, that wasn't a very good idea, was it?"
beautiful boy: "No it wasn't."
Mummy: "Did it taste funny?"
beautiful boy: "No Mummy... It wasn't funny at all."

Nanny: "Did you have fun swimming with Mummy?"
beautiful boy: "It was divine."

at lunch time after he finished his food
beautiful boy: "I'd like something else now please."
Mummy: "Okay, what would you like?"
beautiful boy: "Ummmmmmmmm."
Mummy: "Would you like a breadstick?
beautiful boy: "No I've had enough breadstick."
Mummy: "How about a cracker?"
beautiful boy: "No I'm full up of cracker."
Mummy: "Okay, so are you sure you want something else? Are you full up?"
beautiful boy: "Ummmmm?"
Mummy: "Shall we leave the table?"
beautiful boy: "I'm not full up Mummy."
Mummy: "You're not?"
beautiful boy: "No. I'm not full up of grapes."
Mummy: "So would you like some more grapes then?"
beautiful boy: "Oooh, yes please Mummy."

Mummy: "Come here so I can take your t-shirt off."
beautiful boy: "No Mummy. It's not happening!"
Mummy: "What's not happening?"
beautiful boy: "My t-shirt. It stays on!"

"You are putting me back together again."
he says this whenever we get him dressed

"You are the bestest mummy."
(such a charmer!)

Mummy: "What colour is your hair?"
beautiful boy: "Blonde."
Mummy: "What colour is my hair?"
beautiful boy: "Blonde."
Mummy: "What colour is Daddy's hair?"
beautiful boy: "Brown. No. Dark brown."
Mummy: "Oooh, good one. It is dark brown. What colour is Nanny's hair?"
beautiful boy: "Ummmmm, it's yellow. Like mine. No, blonde."
Mummy: "What colour is Pops hair?"
beautiful boy: "GREY!!!! Just like Wentworth."

"Oh dear. That's so funny. I make myself laugh."

beautiful boy: "I'm going to cut your hair Mummy."
Mummy: "No you're not."
beautiful boy: "Later?"
Mummy: "No, not later."
beautiful boy: "Soon?"
Mummy: "No. Never."
beautiful boy: "Mummy? I'm going to brush your hair?"
Mummy: "Okay, yes. You can brush my hair."
beautiful boy: "With the scissors."

Daddy: "Right, Daddy's got to go to the toilet now."
beautiful boy: "You're going to squeeze a poo and then flush it."
(Daddy nearly falls over laughing.)

"You're my bestest girl in the world that I even seened."
(said to his mama - little cutie!)

"Bye bye swings. Bye bye slide. Bye bye roundabout. See you another day. We're going home for lunch."


  1. Oh he's such a delight bless him! I do love these little posts! xx

    1. He makes us laugh so much. So glad I'm recording these. x

  2. These are so funny and cute. My favourite is the brushing your hair with scissors. Soooo funny and cheeky xx

  3. Oh he's just priceless! I love the inner logic that says that if he can't cut your hair with the scissors, maybe he can brush it with scissors!

    1. I know, it's pretty clever really. And very persistent. x

  4. Haha, love the 'no Mummy, it's not happening'! Made me laugh! x

    1. I know, the thing with toddlers is they toe the line between being funny and cheeky, and actually a bit rude. But they do it so well. x

  5. Brushing your hair with scissors is making me giggle

  6. Gorgeous photo! Love how he says, "Oh dear that's so funny I make myself laugh.' :) x

    1. Thanks lovely. He's such a funny little thing, thats for sure. x

  7. Love love love, I can hear so many things here that Addy says, it is funny how their little minds work xx

    1. I think it's amazing how their minds work. Often what he says is so logical, it just sounds funny because of the fact we are grown ups and know how the weird English language works. x

  8. Ahahaha. Some of these really made me chuckle!

  9. I love these type of blog posts. My kids come out with some real classics at times!



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