fourteen months new

Your fourteenth month saw some big changes.

Your first big change was that you stopped having your milk from mummy.
She had been very keen to wait until you were ready to stop,
like she had with your big brother,
and you had clearly decided that the time had come.
You dropped your morning feed 
and within a week the bedtime feed was gone too.
It made Mummy a little sad that that part of your relationship together was over,
but you had transitioned across to cows milk fantastically
and it made her so proud that your were so content and independent.

And the other big step of the month
was that you started walking.
You had taken the odd step here and there before
but you're walking was really taking off all of a sudden
and you were going further and further.
Your confidence was amazing 
and we loved watching you just launch off into the middle of the room.
You were a still a little way off of being a full blown walker
as you still liked to crawl for speed,
but you were nearly there.

You were getting really interested in books
and would smile to yourself while flicking through the pages.
If you could manage to climb up onto the sofa,
you would head straight for the end where the bookshelf was
and find your favourites to read.
You enjoyed listening to the proper bedtime story with your brother now,
helped along by your cup of milk we suspected,
and liked to point at the pages while we read.

You were climbing all over the place
and getting into all sorts of things you shouldn't be.
Drawers and cupboards were a big favourite.
And you liked climbing up onto your brother's chair
to sit and watch television,
although you hadn't worked out how to climb back down again.
You would try really hard to do it,
but would end up yelling for us in frustration
so that we would help you down again.

You were seriously into dancing
and had quite a variety of moves in your repertoire.
You sometimes bounced,
at others you would sway your upper body from side to side.
Sometimes your would wiggle your hips,
and sometimes you'd just nod your head around.
But one thing was for sure,
you loved dancing.
You danced whenever you heard music,
or if we said to you "Are you going to dance?"
you would do it right on cue.
Mummy was already counting down the days
until she could sign you up for dance classes.

You continued to have an amazing appetite
and would enthusiastically eat anything we put in front of you.
You adored cheese,
if you so much as spotted a piece
you would throw any other food you had to one side.
You also loved raisins and yoghurts
and would bounce with excitement if we mentioned a biscuit.
The funny thing was that you would growl when you were eating
which we always found a little bit embarrassing when we fed you out and about.
You would growl because you were enjoying it,
but also when you wanted more.
The way we knew for certain that you were full
was that you would stop growling and just sit quietly.

Your personality shone through more and more everyday
and it seemed like you were growing up really fast.
You really seemed on the cusp of toddlerhood
and about to leave your baby days behind.
Although within a matter of seconds you could go from being a confident little girl
to our tiny baby girl again,
just by coming for a cuddle and sucking your thumb. 


  1. Gosh she has grown up so quick!!

  2. Those pictures are too much! Such a sweetie. :)

  3. Ok 14 months, what, just last week was her 1st birthday. Hugs lovely I know the breast feeding has been a large part of your everyday, I hope you are doing ok, but I am sure of it as you are such a strong wonderful mummy.

    She is a true credit to you and Mr R, I have enjoyed so much seeing her growing up xxx

  4. It's so scary how fast they grow up but also so lovely to see them reaching all these milestones and developing their little personalities. x

  5. Eeek I'm dreading J stopping breastfeeding this time as I don't think we will have anymore babies, makes me sad just thinking about it. It is perfect when it happens naturally though, with Cherry I didn't even know we'd had our last feed which I think makes it better. There are so many things I will miss about it, including all the cake! x

  6. Awww that's a gorgeous post - all that in one month! Love the picture of her with her pram walker :)

  7. Awwww BG is looking so grown up, how has 14 months gone by already? I hope you're doing ok without the breastfeeding, i know how important and how large a part of your every day that was but fantastic to hear that BG's doing just as well on the cow's milk. Sounds like she is going to follow in mummy's footsteps as a dancer ;) xxx

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