{the ordinary moments} the many faces of bath time - part two

In the interests of fairness
and being a good mama all round,
it seemed only right I do the same for this cheeky little chap.

In between telling me 
"Don't take my photo Mummy"
he's quite the little poser.

(To all the people who suggested I print the little lady's collage
and put it up the wall;
I think they'll look good as a pair!)



  1. how funny I was going to write a post for ordinary moments about bath time faces too! how strange! maybe I will leave it it for now lol :)

  2. I love the bottom left how coy does he look ?
    Defo on canvases in the bathroom, they would look fab xx

  3. Such sweet pictures :) I love the top middle one of him laughing. These will look great in the bathroom and will be so nice for them both to look at as they grow older.xx

  4. Oh this kills me, I think these may be my favourite photos that you have ever taken. They definitely need to go on a canvas. They are wonderful and it will be wonderful to look back in years to come on the funny expressions that they used to do. They are beautiful. x

  5. Adorable!! He really knows how to pull a cute pose.
    They really would look so good on the wall together x

  6. Such nice photos! I love the range of expressions you've captures.

  7. Love looking at both of them next to each other! Gorgeous little people x

  8. these would be awesome as a pair! you got to do this!


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