the perfect festive outfits

I love an excuse to get my children beautiful clothes.
With Christmas around the corner
I have plenty of excuses for some lovely coordinated party outfits
so that my twosome look gorgeous for the festive season.

I'm not a big fan of the Christmas themed outfits
that you see in shops a lot at this time of year
and instead prefer to buy the children clothes which are smart and special
but slightly more versatile.
And on special days I like to try and dress my children in a similar colour palette.
I know it sounds silly,
but when you take as many photos as I do,
having you children in coordinating outfits
can really make the pictures extra special.

So when F+F at Tesco asked us to put together some party outfits
from their range of clothing,
I knew I'd be looking for versatile clothes,
that can be dressed up for a party,
that are comfy and cute,
and also a little bit matchy.

I was amazed by how reasonable the clothes on the F+F site were
and my money went a long way.
So far in fact that I managed to get both children two outfits for £50.
The choice was great
with all sorts of frocks for little ladies and shirts for little gents.

In my bid for matchy colours,
I picked these blue outfits.
I always love my kids in blue.
And having seen them in them together,
I've decided that these will be their Christmas Day outfits.

The beautiful boy's chambray shirt has a cute festive tartan trim
and a subtle snowflake design
which is Christmassy but not so over the top
that the shirt would look out of place at other times of year.
(The chambray long sleeved shirt sells for £12-£18.)
The jeans are really nicely made and a bargain at £8.

The beautiful girl looks adorable in her blue checked dress
with it's flower corsage detail
and delicate gold fleck.
(The checked corsage dress retails for £9.)
She simply had to have these glittery gold ballet shoes to match,
because it's pretty shoes which make a party outfit.
(These glittery pre walker shoes sell for £5.)

And for their second outfits
we went with a slightly differnt colour scheme.
The little man reused his jeans
but wore them with a trendy burgandy t-shirt (which is no longer available)
and a grey cable cardi for £10 (not pictured).
The little lady rocked a grey herringbone skirt with glittery flecks,
burgandy wooly tights,
(the skirt and tights are a set which costs £5.50 in the sale)
and a cream t-shirt with 'beautiful girl' across the front
(the t-shirt is £3 and my very own beautiful girl had to have it.)

Both children look so cute in their new outfits,
and are now thoroughly kitted out for the festive period with thanks to F+F at Tesco.
We were given a voucher to purchase these clothes 
and to write this review.
But all opinions are my own.


  1. Just beautiful! We nearly bought LL that little corsage dress, it is gorgeous but not too dressy. They both look very sweet and their outfits will be perfect for christmas day. x

  2. I love the glittery skirt! I'd wear that if they did it in adult size.
    I also love BB's shirt. I've been looking at that on the Tesco site for a while. I'm even more tempted now.
    The fairy lights in the back look so pretty x

    1. It's a super cute skirt. Like you say, just as nice for a grown up. x

  3. Very cute, I am loving the shirt, that is just perfect.
    How beautiful does BG look, those glittery shoes are a must xx

    1. You have to have a bit of glitter at Christmas, don't you. The little bit of glitter in the skirt is so cute. x

  4. Lovely stuff, It is amazing how far £50 goes sometimes isn't it!

    1. I was so impressed with how far my £50 went. And it's all such lovely stuff too. x

  5. Fab photos and clothes. Just doing a post about the Christmas clothes I got from Tesco for my boy too, some very good quality things in the range. :)

    1. Thanks. I agree, it's really good quality and so much choice as well. x

  6. What a couple of cool kids! You are making me feel festive now - and also impressed at the quality of the style of clothes Tesco do x

    1. They are definitely cooler than me and their dad are put together. And these outfits made me feel all festive too. Can't wait for Christmas. x

  7. Aww, they look gorgeous - I love the beautiful girl's blue dress, it's festive without being specifically Christmassy, and such a lovely colour!

    1. That's what I thought. I love festive clothes, but if you go too festive then you can't get as much wear out of it which is always a shame. x

  8. They both look super! I love this time of year for all of the beautiful clothes x

    1. Thanks hun. And I agree, so many lovely party clothes in the shops lately. x

  9. Lovely little outfits! I love BB's shirt...might have to have a look at that for Lucas' christmas outfit x

    1. Thanks. That shirt is fab. I am having to resist putting him in it all the time so that it feels special for Christmas day. x

  10. Awww they both look super cute and totally loving BG's gold glittery shoes! xxx

    1. Thanks lovely. And I love the shoes too, would rather like some for me. x


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