your thirty-first month

You had always been such an active and nosey little chap

and the bigger you got the more this seemed to be the case.
You had a big thing for jumping,
and seemed to think that it was much more fun than boring old walking,
so you jumped everywhere.

You were also really into climbing
and seemed to have no fear whatsoever when it came to scaling things
both great and small.
Of course after you had climbed,
you then liked to jump off
and it caused many heart-in-the-mouth moments for us
as we watched you acting the daredevil.
Sometimes you would fall,
but you'd generally just say:
"Ooooh, that was a close one"
and then carry on.

As you turned thirty-one months old
we took you on holiday to Center Parcs.
It would be the underestimate of the century
to say that you enjoyed it.
You had always been a water baby
but your confidence in the water seemed to know no bounds.
You were happy to tread water,
put your head under,
be thrown,
go down flumes on your own,
and all with a great big smile on your face.

You just had such an adventurous nature
and were determined to grab every experience that was offered to you with both hands,
and we absolutely loved that about you.
There were times when we sometimes wished that you were a little more fearful in fact
as you seemed to think that every person was a potential friend
and had no concept of anything bad happening.
But we weren't ready for you to lose your innocent side just yet,
so we smiled at your braveness
and watched you closely.

You had been the best big brother ever
right from the second your baby sister had been born,
but you now constantly referred to her as your best friend
which was enough to make Mummy want to cry.
Whenever she cried you would run to us and say
"she wants a cuddle" in such a concerned way.
And when you went to bed at night,
you always insisted that she have both a cuddle and a kiss goodnight from you.
The kind and gentle way that you had with her
made us ridiculously proud of you.


  1. I always think that Mads and his updates are quite similar each month, and they are kind of this month, except that we established at Center Parcs he is a lot braver than Mads! I couldn't believe how brave he was on the flumes, although we have just been to soft play and normally Mads wouldn't dream of going on the massive curly slide there on her own, but she did today. Maybe her boyfriend is rubbing off on her a little. ;) x

    1. Hahaha. Toddlers are so funny aren't they? I bet if we went again now, she'd be different. x

  2. He is such a little boy now! Leaving the toddler days behind I think

    1. Yep, no semblance of toddler left these days, he's such a little boy. x

  3. It's funny because I forget how close in age Ollie and the BB are! But as Ollie is my second I have completely forgotten how many months he is! Wish I had kept a journal like this for Ollie. Lovely post xxx

    1. Hahaha. They are pretty close in age aren't they? I was so paranoid about making sure I kept the same kind of records second time around, just so the little lady doesn't get a chip on her shoulder about it. x


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