fifty one weeks new

You, our precious little lady, were about to turn one.

The past year had been a wild ride,
and it was amazing to think about how far you had come in that time.

Unfortunately you decided to fit another milestone in 
before you first year was over
and it wasn't a very nice one;
your first cold.
It made us feel so helpless
to see you looking so sad and confused
and not being able to help.
All you wanted was Mummy,
and then Mummy got poorly too,
which wasn't a winning combination.

But the reason you had your first cold
kind of made up for it,
because you had caught your cold on holiday in Center Parcs.
You had loved being able to swim every day while we were away
and were so smiley and content floating around in your swim seat.
In shallower water where you could touch the bottom,
while sat in your seat,
you enjoyed walking, and then running, on the pool floor.
You were so excited about being free of our hands
and moving around by yourself.
You absolutely adored the lazy river, and the waves
and were happy to be chucked around and splashed.
Such a little water baby.

And just like that we were on the final countdown to your birthday,
what a year it had been...


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