fifty-two weeks new

Fifty-two weeks. Three-hundred-and-sixty-five days. A year.

One whole year old.
Your first year in the world had simply flown by.
It still seemed like only last week
we had been meeting you for the first time,
and now you were about to turn one.

It seemed like we were saying it all the time lately,
but your personality really was growing with each day that passed.
You definitely anticipated things now,
like when we were going to take you out of the highchair and into the bath
you would begin to wriggle with excitement as soon as we picked you up.
And when you were about to touch something you knew you weren't supposed to,
you would look at us with the cheekiest grin
and dare us to say "no".
And when we put your mobile and seashorse on at night or nap time
your head would nuzzle into Mummy's shoulder
and you would begin to suck your thumb.

Your confidence standing up was growing all the time
and most people who saw you
seemed convinced that you were going to walk pretty soon.
You were certainly really interested in cruising
and had suddenly discovered the baby walkers
and liked to push them up and down
with a big proud smile on your face.

We had transferred you to a forward facing car seat
and we were intrigued to see what you would make of it.
On your first few trips
you looked so tense
as your craned forward excited to finally have a view.
But we decided that you must like it,
given that you still loved a good car sleep while in it.

We joked that you had suddenly gone into destructive mode,
but it really did seem like you could cause devastation in a room
in practically no time at all.
You would pull saucepans and jars off their shelves,
you could empty the book or DVD baskets in seconds,
and your particular speciality was pulling everything off the sofas;
remotes, cushions, papers, toys.
Anything you could reach,
you would pick up
and then throw and great speed.

You seemed to be getting more and more fun
and it made us so excited for the fun we would have in your second year.
It was sad that it felt like we were really leaving the baby days behind
but it was hard to be too sad
when you were blooming before our eyes
into the most amazing little girl.


  1. I myself cannot fathom where the time has gone. It only seems 5 minutes since you announced your pregnancy let alone gave birth! BG is absolutely gorgeous and it is lovely getting to watch her grow up right before our eyes. Happy birthday BG, I hope you have all enjoyed your special day today! xx

    1. It feels the same to me. Can't believe how quickly we got here. x

  2. I love those moments when you can feel that you're on the cusp of a big development like walking, especially with a second baby when you know all the fun that's about to come, it's just so exciting. Your beautiful girl is lovely, I can't believe she's reached a whole year so fast!

    1. Yes, I'd definitely say that with her being the second baby, it makes big milestones more exciting because I know better what comes next. She's in such an amazing phase. x

  3. Beautiful Lucy. Happy birthday to beautiful girl! I love the 1-2 year, they learn so much and little personalities appear stronger. So much fun. Enjoy every second. xxx

    1. Thanks lovely. I really didn't think it was possible to top the first year with the little man, but the second was so amazing. And that definitely makes me excited about what's to come with our little lady. x

  4. That first photo is beautiful! 52 weeks! I can't believe it! x


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