out of the mouths of babes {september}

Mummy: "You're so gorgeous Mr."
beautiful boy: "I'm not gorgeous. I'm funny."
Mummy: "Yes. Yes you are very funny."
beautiful boy: "I'm gorgeous AND funny. Yes?"
Mummy: "Yes, you definitely are."

"I want to go and see the ladies at the supermarket. The blue ladies with the red writing."
(He always says he's going to see the ladies when we go to the supermarket. The blue ladies are at Tescos, and when we go to Sainsburys it's the orange ladies.)

Daddy: "Bye bye everyone see you later."
beautiful boy: "Are you going in your car to see your friends?"
Mummy: "No sweetheart, Daddy is going to work."
beautiful boy: "To see his friends?"
Mummy: "Well, yes sort of. He's going to work."
beautiful boy: "In his car?"
Daddy: "Yes in my car. Bye."
beautiful boy: "Your car is round the corner, you know."
Daddy: "Yes. It is."
beautiful boy: "Daddy is going in his car to see his friends."
Mummy: "Yes, yes he is. Okay."

Mummy: "Come on then, lets wash those handies."
beautiful boy: "No Mummy, it's not handies. It's hands. Just HANDS."

beautiful boy: "What's that noise?"
Nanny: "It's the ropes on the boat banging against a pole. Okay?"
beautiful boy: "Okay Nanny. If you say so."

after watching his sister smear sandwich across her highchair:
"Oh dear Mummy, I think we need some baby wipes-is."

beautiful boy: "RAAAAAAAAAR!"
Mummy: "Oh my goodness. That so scary."
beautiful boy: "Oh no Mummy, do you need a cuddle?"

beautiful boy: "I'm going on an adventure."
Nanny: "Okay. Have fun."
beautiful boy: "Not really Nanny, I'm only going to the kitchen."

"I turned my weewee off. I'm such a clever boy."

as his sister threw her drink cup across the room:
"Woooaaaaah, it's a flying drink. Cooooool!"

Mummy: "We're going to look at some preschools today."
Daddy: "That will be fun, won't it?"
beautiful boy: "Yes Daddy, we're going to look at some Pringles. And eat them."

to absolutely anyone who engages in conversation with him:
"We went on a lovely holiday. We went swimming and on the slide."
(LITERALLY. EVERYONE he sees gets to hear all about his holiday.)

Daddy: "Would you like some breakfast?"
beautiful boy: "No thanks Daddy."
Daddy: "Are you sure?"
beautiful boy: "Yes. I would like chocolate toast."
Daddy: "Okay. So you want Nutella on toast?"
beautiful boy: "Yes Daddy. I'm sure Daddy."

as Nanny gave him some milk:
Pops: "There you go. Now what do you say?"
beautiful boy: "Please."
Nanny: "No. Thank-you."
beautiful boy: "You're welcome Nanny."

Mummy: "Are you being a monkey?"
beautiful boy: "No. I'm a little boy."
Mummy: "Yes you are. And what's your sister?"
beautiful boy: "She's a little girl."
Mummy: "What about Daddy?"
beautiful boy: "He's a big boy."
Mummy: "And what about me?"
beautiful boy: "You're a big girl."
Mummy: "That's right. And do you remember what Darcy and Wentworth are?"
beautiful boy: "Cats."
Mummy: "Yes, but what sort of cats are they?"
beautiful boy: "Fluffy cats."

beautiful boy: "Are you sad Mummy?"
Mummy: "Yes. Very sad. Can I have a cuddle?"
beautiful boy. "Yes. Are you happy now?"
Mummy: "Yes I am."
beautiful boy: "Are you sure?"
Mummy: "Yes."
beautiful boy: "But are you sure?"

"Another day...?"
in response to ever being told no to anything.

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  1. Aww he's priceless! I love that you're recording the wonderful toddlerisms, they're so sweet, but just as easily forgotten. It makes me think I should do something similar for Kitty while she still says "heart-beeps" (doctor in the house) and "I love you my wiggly worm Mummy" ( no idea about the last one)!

    1. It's so true that they outgrow the funny phrases to fast. I'm so glad I'm writing them down. x

  2. awww, you can't help but love them even more when they're this cute!

    1. It's very true, he does make us smile with how cute he is. x

  3. Awwww these are so cute and so funny. I love how patronising children can be, without even realising. xx

    1. Hahaha. I said that the other day, I think it's because most of what they hear from people is quite patronising. My husband is especially bad for it and he's often the one who gets put in his place! x

  4. So cute and funny. I hope I record what my little girl says when she is older. My nephew said some very funny and cute things when he was little and I wish I could remember more of them.

    1. You must!!! Writing them down is the best thing ever. I already like reading back over previous months. x

  5. I love it! Having a conversation with a 2 year old is so much fun and I recognise so many of these from my little monkey (no mummy, I'm a pickle is his favourite line).

    1. Haha. It is funny, they try so hard and can communicate so well and then they get something a bit wrong and it's just hilarious. x

  6. Oh I love the ' I am just going to the kitchen' line- so cute! I have a cd in the car which has the lumineers song from one of your videos, think it was the one of our weekend in Hampshire and every time we get in the car she asks for the 'bb' song! ;)

    1. Awwww, that's cute. The little man can tell us exactly what is happening for any of the songs I used on videos. Such a great memory. x

  7. How lovely and cute, what a great idea recording these they grow up so fast these little things are easily forgotten. I love coming across a video of my son when he was smaller and I cant believe how cute he was!

    1. I'm so glad I'm recording them, because kids certainly are in a big hurry to grow up. x

  8. Awww, so funny Lucy. It really is an amazing age isn't it? xx

  9. Those are all so lovely. I'd be happy to be roared at if I got a cuddle afterwards :)

  10. These are all making me smile, I am not sure which ones I like best, I love the hands comment, oh and saying your welcome to nanny - perfection xx

  11. Love it! My kids think Daddy goes to work to see his friends too! I suppose in a way he does x

  12. So lovely! He is such a sweet boy x

  13. He is just adorable, what a lovely post. I can hardly keep up with all my toddlerisms at the moment, there are so many!

  14. How cute ! I may have to use the 'Another Day?' line myself - I think that might just work!


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