I make no secret of my absolute obsession with seeing my children together.
I just can't get enough of it.
Their bond just fascinates me;
the way that it "just is".
They just get each other somehow.
And the flush of pride I get knowing that those two adorable little creatures are mine,
its priceless.

Putting them in this big swing together 
just highlighted everything that I find so intoxicating about the pair of them.
We never had to say
"Hold on to your sister."
He just did it.
And she just leant into him.

And he looked protectively at her as the swing started,
just checking she was okay.
And then they both smiled
and they looked at each other,
they realised they were sharing this experience,
and the smiles turned to laughter.

As these two grow
they just get closer,
probably because they get to share more and more understanding
and enjoy more and more of the same things.
They just delight in one another.
And I sound like a stuck record for saying it constantly,
but it really is a 'pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming' kind of pride I get
at how lucky I am to get to witness them every day.

I know there will be days when they'll want to pull each other's hair out 
and when we'll more than likely want to bang their heads together.
I'm sure he'll tease her without mercy
and she'll embarrass him for the fun of it.
It's crossed my mind more than once
that these two are going to hit puberty around the same time.
And heaven help us when they decide they fancy each other's friends.

But it makes me unspeakably glad that they have this,
that they have each other.
Someone to have that incredible shared history with.
Someone who will be there when they're needed.
Someone they have a bond with, that "just is".


  1. So lovely! I do love watching the moments when Cherry is sweet with J and he laughs at her like she is the funniest person in the world but it definitely doesn't seem to happen often enough and mainly we get 'no J', 'get away J'! I'm hoping once he gets a bit older it will help but she definitely sees him as an annoyance most of the time at the moment!!x

    1. Such an amazing feeling when you get to witness those moments. I'm sure Cherry and J will get closer as he gets more interesting. x

  2. So sweet! Your children are beautiful! I can't wait until we have a sibling for Ava. Growing up with a brother is a joy, which just makes me miss mine even more.x

    1. Ahhh, thank-you. Having a sibling is such an amazing thing, so glad my children get that gift. x

  3. They're so lovely together and I can totally relate to the 'pinch me I'm dreaming' feeling when I look at my girls together, when Kitty asks for Elma, or runs up to give her an enormous hug. I can't help wondering how I got so lucky to have all of this. Perhaps part of it is that the relationship between our children is separate to us, it's something I see from the outside looking in at an age when they are still so very tangled up and indistinguishable from me and my story.

    1. Very true. I agree, and I think a big part of it is just knowing that two people you created think the world of each other. x

  4. Watching my girls interact is most definitely my favourite thing about being a mum to two. It is just absolutely wonderful. Even if Mads gets cross with her for taking her toys which is happening more regularly nowadays, it is just funny. She's still so gentle with her and so caring, and her little cross bossy tone actually makes me laugh. I just love everything about watching them! x

    1. It's just amazing, isn't it? Hands down, the best bit of having two. X


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