fifty weeks new

Fifty weeks... fifty weeks!

It seemed like an insanely long time
for such a tiny little person.
But at the same time
it had taken mere moment for us to fall head over heels in love with you
and you had even getting more amazing ever since.

Your mobility was getting better by the day
and you were spending increasing lengths of time standing unaided.
You just seemed so confident on your feet
and were starting to think that you might just walk a little earlier than your big brother had.

You seemed more and more independent 
and would happily sit and entertain yourself for some time.
You liked pulling books and DVDs out of their storage baskets,
you liked playing with the hammer bench
and with your rag dolls.
And chasing your brother around caused great delight.

But by far the best bit of your growing independence,
was the moments when you chose to find us for cuddles.
The times when you decided your toys were nothing compared to a cuddle with Mummy or Daddy
and you would crawl over to find us,
just made us feel so special.

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