turning one

There is something incredibly inevitable about my feelings right now.
I'm pretty sure that most parents feel them as their babies turn one,
or as any major life milestones are about to be crossed off the list.
That feeling of life running away from you a little bit;
a mixture of happiness and sadness,
excitement for the future
and bittersweet feelings about the fleeting nature of childhood.

My baby girl. One.


One whole year old.

One whole year of having a daughter.
Of getting to know her.
Of being her mummy.
Of loving her.

At times it felt like the longest journey,
but in honesty, it went in the blink of an eye.
And just like that...
looming on the horizon...
She's not really such a baby anymore.

And I can't decide if her being a second baby makes that easier or harder,
in so many ways we've walked this path before.
And knowing the amazing adventures that come between one and two,
I can face this milestone with a lot more excitement.
The next year will see her change beyond recognition,
from the crawling, babbling baby she is now,
into a fully-fledged walking, talking little girl.
We are on the cusp of some really exciting times,
and knowing that makes the pill a little easier to swallow.

But at the same time,
it feels like her first year went by so. damn. fast.
Any one reading this who is still on their first baby,
let this be a warning to you;
if you think your first got big fast,
it's nothing compared to the second one.

And part and parcel of having a second baby
also means that you feel constantly guilty about the fact
that they are never watched, fussed over, generally paid attention to as much as the first was.
I know that's the case for me anyway.
I watched my son's first year with a front row seat,
spurring him on, pushing him on in places,
being a cheerleader and generally recording every single thing.

I have still had a front row seat for my daughter's first year,
but its been a bit like having a front row seat with a bit of restricted view.
I see most of the show but not all,
I don't miss the big moments, but do miss some of the finer details.
It hurts to think that my little lady has spent so much more of her first year
just having to do her own thing.

Don't get me wrong,
she is none-the-worse for it.
She's chosen her own path,
been allowed more opportunities to just explore things in her own way.
She has had an entire entertainment system living in her house,
in the form of her older brother;
something which is an undeniable gift.
She is already proving to be a very strong and unique little person,
with an amazing mix of creative and independent traits
while also being a needy mummy's girl.

But she isn't my teeny bubba anymore,
and she won't be again.
Childhood is all about onwards and upwards;
onto the next thing,
new skills to learn,
exciting places to go,
more fun to have.

This first year with my little lady has surprised in more ways than I could ever possibly explain.
I honestly never thought I could love anyone in the way that I love her.
A completely different love to the love I have for her brother,
a completely different relationship.
She just completely blindsided me.
And from humble beginnings,
when I was oh-so-worried whether I could possibly love another baby
the same way that I loved my little man,
she has somehow managed to captivate me
and completely and utterly rock my little world.

She has a catalogue of different smiles, for each person or occasion
and every single one still melts me, every single time.
She has a giggle, that turns into a squeal, that turns into a scream
this is the most infectious sound on earth.
She has the cheekiest little twinkle in her eye
and at the same time is the cuddliest little munchkin.
She is messy and dirty and loud,
and my pretty little dolly,
all at the same time.

This first year with my bestest girly
has been one hell of an adventure.
An adventure which I'm a little sad to put behind us,
but when I think of all the adventures that we still have to come,
I just feel excited,
and so incredibly lucky that I get to be this girl's mama.

I love you with all my heart baby girl,
my little best friend in the making.

The beautiful grey pettiskirt that my little lady is modelling in this post
came from Miss Francis.
Doesn't she look adorable in it?

I am so in love with it
that I am fantasising about having one in my size.
It's so incredibly soft and full
and it moves beautifully.
It's such a gorgeous item for a little girl's wardrobe.

I chose to style it with a band t-shirt
(one she inherited from her big brother)
and she makes a cute little rock chick in it.
But she has also worn it with simple white tops
and looked pretty as a picture.

* * * * *

that she's posing with

It's such a great toy,
really fantastic quality,
I found it so easy to put together
and its a real head turner.
(Everyone that sees it comments on how fab it is!)

Great Little Trading Company is my new favourite place to buy toys.
They sell an amazing range of gorgeous classic wooden toys,
and having ordered a few bit from them now,
I have to say their service is really great.
So check them out,
and be prepared to want everything!

Both these items were sent to us free of charge,
but all opinions, words and photographs are my own.


  1. I can't believe she is a year old. It is a funny old emotion isn't it? I felt so emotional about Mads turning one and i know I will be even worse with LL. You know that every age is even more fun than the one before but it is leaving the babyhood stage behind that is so hard. I am struggling with it a lot with LL.
    Happy birthday BG, hope you have a great birthday at the weekend. xx

    1. It's funny, I definitely feel a little better about it this time around compared to last time. But it does definitely feel like the end of babyhood, and thats pretty tough to take. x

  2. Oh bless her! I hope she has a lovely birthday Lucy. There's a real feeling of calm about a second baby isn't there? Like you have the confidence gained from the learning curve of baby number one under your belt x

    1. It's definitely different, and I definitely feel less anxious about what's to come. Just can't believe how fast this year went. x

  3. Why do they insist on growing up so damn fast! I can't believe the beautiful girl will be one and I still remember watching your twitter feed waiting to hear that splodge had arrived safely and coundly, it seems like only weeks ago! Here is to the next big adventure though!

    1. It really only feels like a month or so ago, doesn't it. I remember planning my tweet like it was yesterday. x

  4. It really is so different with the second and it does go so fast. J is six months already and it's weird how they seem so much younger than the first did. He seems like so much more of a baby and I'm not sure if it's because I was always eager for Cherry to move onto the next stage whereas this time I'm not at all. In fact I'm dreading the whole weaning thing. I can't believe it's been a year already, Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! x

    1. I think thats exactly it, I think I pushed the little man on a lot more. I also think that second babies seem smaller because you have a bigger one to compare them with. x

  5. what a beautiful little lady! She is just so cute and I love the tutu :) x

    1. Thank-you. We are big tutu skirt fans in this house. x

  6. Aww what a beautiful post. Tears reading this. So true how fast they grow up, especially second time round. Oh she is just so cute in her tutu. Happy birthday BG x

    1. You wouldn't believe it could possibly go faster than it does with your first baby. Then the second one comes along and time speeds up even more. x

  7. GG has been begging for one of these to wear with wellies to all the Festivals we've been to this year. And she also has the rolling stones t-shirt to go with it! Your girl is such a rock star ;)

    1. GG would look very cute in one if these skirts. I know she'd style it up brilliantly with some wellies. In fact I quite fancy rocking that look myself. Might have to get myself one. x

  8. The second time around definitely goes faster and I know what you mean about the littler one getting only a share of your time not the entirety. But I think it is balanced out by the perk of a built in playmate, and not being Mummy's guinea-pig. I'm so much more confident the second time around and that's made life easier for both of us!

    1. Yes! The confident mama and the entertaining older sibling I think more than make up for any less attention they get. In fact I remember some points in the little man's first year where I felt like the attention might have been too much for him at times, especially as the first child and first grandchild on both sides. x


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