your twenty-second month

You were officially a big grown up boy.

We had taken the side of your cot
so that it was a toddler bed.
It wasn't without a lot of trepidation on our parts
as we were really concerned it would upset your fantastic sleep routines.
But in your true style
you took it all in your stride
and went to bed the first night without a peep.
You did fall out of bed the first night
but it didn't wake you
and we put your back into bed without so much as a murmur.
It was so lovely to be able to come in to your bedroom in the mornings
and be able to sit next to you on your bed for a little chat.
And the cutest thing of all was that you would stay in your bed each morning
until we came in to see you
almost as if you thought you couldn't get up.

Mummy had a bit of an obsession with you having good manners
and had been so proud when you started politely saying "hello", "goodbye", "please" and "thank-you".
But you had added to your repertoire
with "pardon me" after burping,
"bless you" when people sneezed
and "you're welcome" when people thanked you for things.

Your speech and understanding simply amazed us
and during your twenty-second month
you really started putting more and more words together into proper meaningful sentences.
You were increasingly more specific when asking for things like "toast and marmite" or "strawberry jam yoghurt"
and you were starting to use longer phrases too 
and sometimes you cracked us up.

Like when you ran over to your crying sister and shouted at her
Or when you were having a cuddle with Nanny and said
"Can't talk now" to Mummy when she asked you a question.
Or when you would say "Now sit there and be good" to us
while you were sat in your high chair.

You absolutely adored books
and would tell us "read it" as you found your favourites.
And you definitely had favourites.
You would have happily listened to Zog at bedtime every single night,
or Stick Man when at Nanny and Pops'.
Heaven forbid someone suggested a book, television programme or activity that you didn't want to do,
it would be met with "no-nokay"
which was a word you had made up
but which we rather liked.


  1. I nearly stopped reading after the first sentence. I can't believe our boys are so big now! It's been great following beautiful boys journey...he seems such a clever little man!

    1. Thank-you. I know, it's lovely reading as they are at similar stages. x

  2. Oh my how grown up does he suddenly look? Very! Sorry I haven't been 'about' as much of late. Will make up for it - promise xx

    1. He does seem really grown up lately. Can't believe he'll be two before I know where I am. x

  3. He is so adorable. I love the things they say at this age.
    My little man has been sleeping in his big boy bed for about 5 months and still almost never gets out unless we come and get him. I wonder when he will outgrow this.

    1. Hehe. I love that he stays in bed waiting. It's so cute.
      And the little phrases are the best bit of having a toddler. x

  4. I love his little phrases! Adorable and looks like he handled going into the big bed so well! You must be a very proud mummy x

    1. I am one VERY proud mummy. And he absolutely cracks me up. This talking bit is fantastic. x

  5. How adorable does he look! my little one still stays in bed - she has not worked out that she can climb out yet! x

    1. It's so funny isn't it? He'll climb out when we come in, but he doesn't try it otherwise. x


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