light {see it snap it love it}

Our Christmas tree is up
and looking lovely.
I absolutely adore this time of year
and every single year I suggest to my husband
that we leave the tree up all year round because it's just so pretty.
He always smiles at me in that
"I love you but you're completely mental" type of way.
This year both my babies are a little in love with the tree
so maybe in a few years the three of us can convince him
. . . or not!

I don't think there are many people who own a DSLR
who won't want to have a play around taking photos of Christmas lights
and trying to get some pretty effects.
I had a play around at the weekend trying to get the perfect Christmas tree photo.
I haven't got it yet
but I've got another month of having the tree up to practise.
I took this photo using a macro filter
which is how the decoration is in focus while the lights aren't.
And the one underneath was shot without the filter
but it fully manual mode.

If you want to have a go at creating some bokeh (pretty blurry light effects) on your photos
then check out my lovely friend Katie's post on Totally Tates
and she will point you in the right direction.

Next weeks theme will be 'Stories'
so you might choose to tell a story with you photo,
photograph a favourite book
or do something else entirely.

I can't wait to see what you all do with the 'Light' theme though,
so get linking up,
tweet me your links for a retweet
and go around and share some love on the other posts.

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  1. I love all the lights of Christmas- one of the things we always do is go on a light hunt, we look for the houses that have the tackiest lights on them!

    Thanks for linking to my totally tates post, I love the effects you can get and will definitely be practicing some more.

    1. Hehe. We go on a light hunt too. Or at least we did last year and will again soon.
      And you are very welcome for the link back, it was a really helpful post.

  2. Beautiful photos...thanks for giving some tips! I love macro and am dying to get a macro lense!

    1. I went for a macro filter kit as it was loads cheaper than a macro lens. It's fun to play around with. X

    2. Oh never heard of that! Of to check it out!

  3. I love that cute ornament!!! Adorable.

  4. Ooh these are lovely, I'm about to snap some Christmas shots tomorrow so thanks for the tips. I just love having a tree in the house, so festive! x

  5. Would you believe it?! WE've only friggin put the tree up to find one pair of lights work fine and the others have decided not to this year!! So christmas tree light hunting this weekend then!! doh! It's driving me mad...I can't look at the tree! Half a tree lit up with lights doesn't make for a great pic...
    You really do take some great pics! x

  6. ah i have been such a bad bloggy friend. i had no idea you were doing this. i love the idea and will link up next time.

    ps your tree picture is perfect!!

  7. I'm starting to work out pretty light effects using my DSLR, it's a bit addictive!


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