dream big little ones

All parents have dreams for their children.
I think it's a natural part of raising a child
to think about where they might end up some day.
As much as it sometimes isn't that nice
to think about them all grown up,
flying the nest,
not needing us quite so much,
at the same time that is what we do it for.

My own mum says
"You only borrow children."
And I think that sums it up perfectly.
We only get them for a little while,
a small period of time
to mould and hopefully make a mark,
before they live their own lives.

My children are the proudest, 
most important 
and most totally beautiful part of my story,
but I'll only over be the supporting role in theirs.

Its tough,
but it's true
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
It just means we have to make the most of the time when we are a major role,
when we can be the centre of their world
and make a difference as to how the rest of their story goes.

Every parent wants the best for their children,
to see them confident and well rounded,
to see them embrace opportunities and do well in life,
to see them safe and happy.
And it is in these earliest years 
where we set the scene for the rest of their lives
we get to build the foundations for their futures.

In reality, where they end up is down to them,
but also in part,
down to the values that we give them now as children.
And it isn't what they do and where they go that matters to me most,
but the kind of big people that my little people become.

I dream that my children will be polite, respectful and kind.
Not just to other people but to their planet too.
Those values cost nothing but are worth everything
and nothing could make me prouder 
than hearing somebody say that my children had good manners and were good people.

I dream that my children will try their very best at everything.
My husband and I are both terribly guilty of giving up things that we aren't good at.
We're both naturally pretty bright so we've always kind of cruised along and done okay.
But I often wonder what I could do if I really really set my mind to it.
And I really want that kind of mindset for my children.
I guess maybe I should start leading by example.

I dream that my children will be brave and strong.
I hope that they'll have courage in their convictions
and confidence in themselves and in their abilities
so that they will embrace all the opportunities that life offers them.
I want them to be beautiful inside and out
and to know that about themselves.

I dream that my children will get to live big love stories.
I want them to do what they love.
I want them to be surrounded by things they love.
I want them to love and be loved.

I have always liked the idea that a good parent gives their children wings and roots.
Wings to fly away and to soar high
and roots that bring them home again and hold them steady through life's struggles.

And as much as I have no crystal ball
and their lives will never really be in my hands,
as their mummy and daddy we are building their futures in their present.
Being a parent is all about nurturing those wings and roots,
all of the time,
so in a way we are shaping those dreams all the time,
and hopefully making them come true.

So I dream big for my little ones
until they are big enough to have even bigger dreams for themselves.


  1. It's so true, although sad to think we only have them for a short time. And in that short time we need to make a big difference to their lives and the type of people they will become- that is a big responsibility. Although in my case, if your my Mum you are stuck with me, I am worse now calling her and needing her at nearly 30 than I was when I was a teenager! ;)

    I don't care what Mads gets up to in life, as long as she is happy and she respects others. To me, if she is happy, and thinks of others before her self, we have done a good job.


    1. I think that, ultimately, what all parents want is for their children to be happy.
      And my mum is pretty stuck with me too, but I guess its not quite the same as when they are little. x

  2. I always wanted the same for my children.

    Fortunately they have grown to be those people and I am immensely proud of them both and now I am hoping the same for my grandchildren.

    1. Awww, thanks Dad. You big softie. I'm glad that we all make you proud. x

  3. The best thing that teachers have ever said on school reports is not that my children were clever or always knew the answer, but that they were kind and considerate to others and always made people smile! The best thing you could hope for as a parent (although the clever bit was always nice too!)

    1. And this is exactly why, as a teacher, I spent a load more time writing the personal part of the school report than all the academic stuff. Parents like to hear that their children are clever, but they really just want to hear that their children are happy, try hard, have lots of friends and are helpful. x

  4. That is so beautiful. I have always tried to put it into words the dreams and hopes I have for my wee man and well you have done a great job! You have some great dreams for them!

    1. Ahhhh, thanks. I'm glad you liked it. It is hard to put into words because in a way I want EVERYTHING for them, and at the same time I just want them to have simple happy lives. x

  5. beautiful post. i love the way you put that we only borrow them. it's so true. i look forward to all the adventures, ups and downs with both my children as they become whoever and whatever they dream to be.

    1. Thank-you. I think it's so exciting to think about where their lives will take them. And to remember that we're only a tiny piece of that... and at the same time a big piece of how it happens. x

  6. Your children are so beautiful! I love this!

  7. So true, but like Katie said it is sad to think that one day they wont need as in the same ways, but it's all part and parcel of growing up. We have the here and now and of course all of those beautiful memories that we make along the way xx

    1. Thanks. And its all about making those memories count I guess, so that they grow up happy and make us proud. x

  8. Hi There!!!! I'm Hanna. LOVE your blog and I love making new friends!!!! I am your newest follower GFC and twitter:)I found you on wonderful Casey's blog "on your heart" post!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! You can find me anytime at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

    xoxoxo Hanna

    Your family is gorgeous:)

    1. Ahhhh, thank-you. And welcome. I'm following you too now. x

  9. What a beautiful post and so true. I think your little people will turn into wonderful big people because of you.

    1. Awww, thank-you. That actually brought a lump to my throat. Getting to play a part in bringing them up is such an honour. x

  10. Your children are beautiful, and you're raising them to be beautiful people.

  11. Beautiful post. I want My children to be the best possible versions of themselves and ultimately happy and I think we play the most important role, if only for a few short years.

    I am in denial about the time they will not need me anymore but know that one day that will come. Sure your beautiful little people will stay that way xx

    1. That phrase "best possible version of themselves" is exactly what it's all about. What more could we want? x

  12. Ahh what your mum said is so true, it really makes you realise how important our job is as parents. I really want Iyla to grow up feeling happy with herself and to have the confidence to achieve anything she sets her mind to. Ultimately I just want her to be happy :) xx

    1. She speaks a lot of sense my mum. I think happiness and confidence set you up pretty well for life, and giving them those is our job. What a fantastic job to have. x

  13. Beautiful post!!! Hope you are well and if I don't 'see' you before I hope the 4 of you have a wonderful Christmas! x

  14. this is so lovely and i echo a lot of what you believe and dream for them. those photos are so adorable and bring back memories of my two at those ages awwww.
    happy new year to you all x x


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