thirteen weeks new

You had hit the three month mark

and it had happened so incredibly fast.
It was something we had said a lot since becoming parents,
but life seemed to be in such an incredible hurry.
You were hardly recognisable as the same squishy teeny newborn you had once been,
you were a proper little girl now.

We were adoring getting to know you
and loved to give you cuddles,
stroke your soft hair
and tickle you while you erupted into giggles.
But it was quite scary how fast you were growing up.

We had already had to retire a load of your newborn and 0-3 month clothes,
because you were growing so quickly
that you were already well into 3-6 month size things.
Mummy was enjoying the chance to dress you in cute and trendy girly outfits,
and found it hard to resist the mini girls clothes when she was out shopping.
You liked going shopping too
especially if you were being carried so you could see everything,
and Daddy was already a bit worried 
about the trouble you and Mummy wold cause shopping together in a few years.

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