twelve weeks new

We were really settling into life as a four.

Everybody always said that the twelve week mark
was when things started to click into place
and that was definitely true with you.

You were getting into great patterns with your daytime napping,
you were fantastic with going to bed at night,
you loved your nightly splash in the bath.
You were really taking things in
and would take absolute delight in watching us pull faces at you
or in watching your brother dancing and chattering.
It was clear from the look of hero worship on your face
that as soon as you were able
you would be enjoying lots of adventures with him.

You had bags of character
and definitely knew what you liked
and what you didn't.
You didn't like waiting for milk if you had decided you were hungry,
and you didn't like lying on your tummy for too long.
But you absolutely adored being swaddled
and would smile from ear to ear 
as soon as you realised you were being wrapped up like a sausage,
and you loved it when we did things to make you jump.
You were definitely a funny little person.

You seemed to be a bit of a mummy's girl
and often only Mummy would do.
Not that Mummy minded,
she liked being your favourite.


  1. This has made me all mushy and broody! She's adorable and I love her hat!

    1. Ahhhh! It is a super cute hat. I'd quite like one in my size. X

  2. Glad to hear things have settled! She is adorable.

  3. Hehe aww I love that last pic! I think it took us 4 months for z to become a normal part of our life and for it to be not new anymore. The sleep thing sounds fantastic!

  4. Glad things are getting easier, sounds like you have got to know each other well now! x

  5. She is BOOOOOOTIFUL. Blog-related question. How do you edit your pics to have such nice rounded edges. Do you use an online tool?


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