stories {see it snap it love it}

Nothing quite warms my heart
and makes me smile
like seeing my beautiful boy
with his nose in a book.

And he LOVES reading stories.
I honestly think he would happily spend the entire day
bringing me book after book to read aloud to him.
And he will quietly sit and look through books alone,
concentrating on studying and then turning the pages,
for far longer than you would ever expect a toddler to.

He has his favourites.
He has stories he likes to join in with.
He has stories he likes to read all by himself.
He has stories that make him sit still and silent,
engrossed in the story unfolding before him.

I'm winding things down a bit in the run up to Christmas
because, lets face it, there are Christmas parties to attend,
friends and family to see,
cards to write,
presents to wrap
and Terry's Chocolate Oranges to eat.
So See It Snap It Love It will be back
in the new year
on Tuesday 8th January
with the theme 'New'.

So link up your 'Stories' photo posts,
link back here,
tweet me your link for a retweet,
and go and visit other people taking part.

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  1. Great photo! It's fascinating the way he responds differently to different books! My wee man loves books too and it was especially fun watching him recently reading with his Nonni in Italian!

    1. That's fab. My husbands family speak Welsh, perhaps I should get them reading him some Welsh books when he sees them. x

  2. My youngest is the same, I love watching him spend hours with books for company :)

    1. It's great isn't it? It totally warms my heart seeing him enjoy a book. x

  3. Our grandson LOVES to pretend he is reading...he is only one...its an adorable moment.

    1. My little man has just recently started "reading" familiar stories aloud. It's the cutest. x

  4. Both my children LOVE books. It's the one thing I don't mind them having too many of. You really can never have too many books. Beautiful picture.

    1. I'm the same. My children have hundreds of books (and a few more coming for Christmas!) I think one of the best things we can give our children is a love of books. x

  5. Such a lovely photo! Love how his pyjamas match the book! :0) x

    1. Hehehe. I didn't realise that he matched until you mentioned it. I'm so clever!!! x

  6. so sweet! LOVE your style of photography.. we are now following your darling blog!
    come enter our giveaway here!!

  7. Aw! Story time is my favourite too, sorry to have missed joining in this week - I'll be ready with bells on on the 8th January :D


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