fourteen weeks new

Your fourteenth week in the world was so exciting.

You got to experience your first Christmas
and it was quite possibly the best thing ever.
There was such wonder on your face
as you had presents from your stocking in Mummy and Daddy's bed.
Then when we opened even more presents from your sack by the Christmas tree
you giggled with delight at the wrapping paper
and at your brother's excitement.

We knew that you had no idea what was going on
but you definitely enjoyed the buzz and excitement of Christmas.
And you were good as gold as you were ferried around 
and then passed around at festive parties and gatherings.

You had started grabbing and gripping things
just in time for all your new Christmas presents to be played with.
You were very taken with your skwish toy
and with the musical instruments we had got you;
and you found it both confusing and fascinating 
when you moved your arm and the maraca rattled.

You had such a strong body
and were so interested in everything around you
that we decided to give you a try in the Bumbo.
You loved the new view you got
and the fact that you could look us all in the eye,
and although you did get a bit tired after a while
you definitely enjoyed being upright.

Sharing our first Christmas with you was so exciting for us all.
You had so many lovely presents
and were such a lucky girl.
But not as lucky as us.
You had already given us the greatest gift ever for 2012
by joining our family
 and just by being you.


  1. I love the image conjured of the surprise of the maraca rattle. Wonderful post. x

  2. Ahh she is so cute, and I can't believe how quickly she is growing up! It's scary! x

    1. You're telling me! I thought it flew by with the beautiful boy but its nothing compared to how fast she seems to be growing up. X

  3. 14 weeks already! Time is really flying! Beautiful xx

  4. Shes just gorgeous Lucy, a proper beautiful little girly. I can't believe how much the time is flying and she isn't even my child!! ;) xx

  5. I love her little party dress - not sure where 14 weeks has gone though! Glad she had a lovely Christmas x

  6. She is so adorable and looks so tiny still. Really beautiful baby girl xx

  7. i LOVE these photos of your beautiful girl Lucy and her dress is very pretty. she is growing so quickly , seems to go by faster second time around. xx


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