eleven weeks new

You were such a smiley little thing.

Having had a few unsettled weeks
we had decided to go back to swaddling you
and you were so incredibly happy being wrapped up all snuggly.
It helped you to nap better during the day,
and as a result you were even happier.
And we did so love to see you happy.

It was fast approaching your first Christmas
and we were so excited.
We knew that you wouldn't really understand what was going on
but we were looking forward to it none the less.
We had taken you to get a special first christmas bauble made
with your teeny footprints on,
and we were looking forward to adding it to the Christmas tree.

When you were happy and smiley your lovely personality really started to show through.
You would talk and babble at us,
cooing and laughing
with your eyes twinkling.
It really was like you were having a conversation with us
only we had no idea what you were saying.
Whatever it was you definitely liked to have our undivided attention
and you positively lit up when you had it.

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  1. Gorgeous. And I love how you call her 11 weeks new. That's so lovely.


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