happy fifth birthday beautiful boy

Well Mr Five-Year-Old,
you've grown up so much this past year that it's crazy.
When I wrote your last birthday letter a year ago,
you had just really begun your first independent steps out into the world;
but this year, you are running around in that world,
with so much confidence, so independently, so happily.
I'm sure I've said it every single year,
but you really really aren't a baby anymore kiddo.

You love school.
And my god are you a bright little spark,
you continue to amaze us and your teachers 
with your drive to learn
and your clever brain. 
You'll move mountains kid, I just know you will. 

You have so many friends.
It seems like every single child at school knows your name
and you know all of theirs too,
and you have a smile and a laugh for every one.
I'm so proud of the friendly, confident and kind little man you are.

You are simply the very best big brother on earth.
And you got promoted this year, 
to big brother of not one, but two little sisters.
They both totally adore you and absolutely idolise you.
And it's pretty easy to see why when we watch you with them both.
Those girls are so so lucky to have you.

And how lucky are we?
Daddy and I still pinch ourselves on occasion
when we think about the fact that you are ours.
You are such a little mixture of us both,
and also totally becoming your own person more and more each day.
You make us beyond proud!

It's simply impossible to put into words just how amazing it is to be your mummy,
and I think I could spend the rest of my life trying to find those words,
and they would still fall short.

You rock my world,
my best boy,
my bright shiny star.

Thank-you for being mine.
I love you lots.
I love you more.
I love you most.

Happy fifth birthday beautiful boy!

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  1. Oh how is he 5 now? How fast has he grown up into a smart, handsome young little boy. What a lovely letter to him on his special day. I hope he had the very best time celebrating. Big hugs and big happy birthdays to BB.

  2. Five already! I hope he's had such a wonderful day! :) xx

  3. Aaaw Happy Birthday little man! Hope he had a brilliant day. Freddie was 5 yesterday, and I can't believe we have a 5 year old either! x

  4. This brought a lump to my throat, I love the idea of writing our children poems on their birthday. So important to let them know how proud we are of them.

  5. Happy birthday BB! 5 already?! Where does the time go!

  6. Aww that's beautiful. Happy Birthday little man xx

  7. Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy who is just turned into 5 years old. I hope he will have many more birthdays and success in his life.

  8. Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy who just turned 5 years old. He is looking to beautiful in these photographs


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